We All Experience These Annoying Things People Do on the Roads

Irritating Things People Do On The Roads

When driving on the road, you need to know the road rules to avoid any accident. There are numerous rules and regulations, but some are critical to follow to save you from severe circumstances. Road accidents do not grant you time to react, just an error, and you find yourself in chaos. Even in Pakistan, you need to know everything about road safety to have a driving license in Punjab. Once you get your driving license, you can verify it through the website of DLIMS.

There are some irritating things people do on the road which can cause lethal consequences. Even when you travel to a different country, not just culture shock affects you, but also traffic rules can affect you. You have to learn road rules to avoid these foolish mistakes that can turn anyone’s life into a mess.



We all experience it regularly when people start slowing down their vehicles just to see a road accident or a brawl on a side of the road. It is called Rubbernecking; This rubbernecking is usual everywhere in the World. The annoying thing about it is it slows down the traffic, and sometimes it makes it worse. Please mind your business and leave a way for others because it only makes the situation worse.


Frequent pressing the Horn

We all get annoyed and hate when someone just honks the horn frequently on the road, which causes a panic situation. Some people do it because they are in a hurry while some people do it for fun. While it is strictly unethical and against the rules when you just use your horn like a drum and keep pressing to create a fuss on the road. 

Even when you leave their way, they still press the horn because of a long-term habit, which provokes the other commuters. Please do not do that.


Forgetting Indicator lights

Some people never use indicator lights before taking a turn which causes problems for the following vehicle. It causes accidents since the following commuter has no idea that the next vehicle would suddenly turn.


Slow driving on a fast lane

Another most irritating thing is when some people drive slowly on a fast lane that causes irritation for the fast drivers and could also lead to road accidents. That is why you need to know the road rules.


High beams/LED Lights

You use high beams especially LED headlights, you dazzle the drivers of the opposite lane. It is a grave thing that causes the drivers to close their eyes since they can’t see anything. It is like a sun is approaching you. Can you have a staring contest with the Sun? That’s how it feels.



Some people stick their vehicles right behind the next vehicle to overtake them, and it is one of the most annoying things you experience on roads. It also contributes to road accidents. Impatient attitude leads to severe and irreparable consequences.


Stopping the vehicle right on zebra crossing

Some people do not have awareness about zebra crossing lines. They stop their vehicles right on them, which obstructs the way of pedestrians who cross the road during the red light. 


Avoiding pedestrian bridge

Some people avoid pedestrian bridges just because they assume that it would waste their time using that bridge. They just jump on the road, which increases the chances of road accidents. Always remember one thing, those pedestrian bridges are supposed to avoid road accidents, you avoid them, you get yourself into trouble.



Road safety depends upon the actions that we take. If we make mistakes, they can cost us a lot. None of us wants to face a grave situation by doing the above foolish things that were described. We need to be law-abiding citizens to save not just our but also others’ lives.

You could lose your driving license in Punjab or anywhere in the world as the rules are implied everywhere. Once you lose your license, you will have to follow the procedure to reapply on DLIMS. Make sure you avoid any mistakes and be a calm driver.


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