Use Bamboo Extract To Improve Skin And Hair Health


Bamboo extracts are meant from the stalks and leaves of the edible, perennial bamboo grass. High in silica, these woody grass are an edible substance from animals and very useful for humans. 

To be precise, its high content of silica, an essential nutrient for humans, plays a vital role in maintaining skin and hair health. In fact, daily consumption of bamboo silica with biotin can be extremely beneficial to the point of alleviating psoriasis and eczema. 

Skin is the largest organ and a primary protecting layer, so it is important to maintain its health. Consumption of silica aids you to do so by absorbing essential minerals into your body, such as magnesium, calcium. 

Let’s look at the effect of the active constituents of the bamboo extract on skin and hair to understand more. 

Impact Of Active Constituents Of Extracts On Skin: 

Vitamin E: constituted up of four tocotrienol proteins and four tocopherol proteins; these are fat-soluble composites. It is identified to carry antioxidants, which battle against free radicals present in our body. 

Radicals tend to damage body cells; therefore, consuming vitamin E is essential to preserving skin cells from damage. Further, 

  • It aids limit signs of ageing. 
  • It supports fading scar marks
  • It subdues sun damage
  • It assists in keeping skin moisturize

Vitamin C: Study of keratinocytes has attested that vitamin C affects the formation and collection of phospholipids, the gene composition of antioxidant enzymes, and encourages the development of the stratum corneum and mostly the divergence of the epithelium. 

  • Advances Collagen Production

Losing collagen results from damages caused by sun and ageing, which leads to wrinkles and the formation of saggy skin. Consumption of vitamin C supports collagen production, resulting in firm, plump and smoother skin. It even smooths out wrinkles and fine lines.   

  • Combats radical damage and signs of ageing 

The antioxidant attributes of vitamin C aid fight radical damage induced by UV emission. Thus, reducing ageing action results in younger-looking skin! 

  • Lightens Dark Spots

Vitamin C helps reduce spots and hyperpigmentation. It also suppresses melanin creation for brightness and even skin tone. 

  • Skin Restoration

It assists in repairing damage resulting from excessive collagen loss and sun exposure by stimulating salutary cell turnover and restoration. Besides, some users have remarked that it assists in fading scars as well. 

  • Protect the Skin Against Sun Damage

Vitamin C supplies you with some superimposed sun security and helps safeguard it from damaging UV rays and excessive skin exposure by hardening the dermis layer of the skin.

  • Silica: Silica present in our tissues tends to decrease over time. Although the process is natural it has several detrimental effects on your tissues and organs. Constituting the largest organ of our body is essential to ensure an adequate supply of nutrients to maintain good health. 

Advantages of Using Extracts for Skin and Hair: 

  • Acts as a healing agent

Bamboo extract is a great source of rejuvenation. The presence of antimicrobial kickstarts detoxification, relieving the skin from radicals.

It even helps reduce melanin content which reduces the colour and the size of dark spots. Moreover, if you have spent too much time under the sun and suffer skin burns, apply some bamboo serum. It will surely help. 

  • Bamboo extract increases pliability and glow

When you consume bamboo silica with biotin, you are not nurturing your hair but also your skin. By increasing the supply of silica, a result of bamboo extract consumption, you are able to support collagen production.

This not only helps make your skin glow but also strengthens blood vessels, contributing to improved blood circulation. 

  • Supports hair growth

Silica conveys oxygen. A supplement of silica can benefit by increasing the oxygen level by 20 per cent in red blood cells. In addition, transferring the oxygen to the scalp encourages the absorption of pre-eminent nutrients via the scalp. 

In turn, this guides to more salubrious, luscious looking strands of hair that grow with ease.

Bamboo extracts are incredibly nourishing. Further consumption of bamboo silica with biotin can add more value to hair health. 

Applying shampoo or conditioner containing bamboo extract also renders a near-miraculous moisturizing medication. Washing of the dead cells and build-up promotes hair growth without stripping off hair moisture. 

  • Boost immunity

Bamboo shoots are high in vitamin and mineral content like vitamin C and iron. Therefore they act as a natural source of antioxidants, boosting immunity, fighting off radical damages. 

Studies have asserted that bamboo silica with biotin, which serves as a plus point, increase the level of antioxidants in blood by nearly 30 per cent. Further, it even lessens chronic inflammation, the main cause of arthritis and heart diseases. 

  • Maintains heart health

Extracts are composed of plant composites called phytosterols which perpetrate to lower the levels of bad cholesterol. It even contains fibre which helps reduce blood pressure, supporting healthy heart functioning. 

Now You Know!

One of the most abundant minerals on the face of the earth, Bamboo extracts are also one of the most effective! Now that you know how it helps rejuvenate your skin and hair-health.

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