Two US submarine officers fired

Two U.S. nuclear-powered submarine crews have been fired. They were fired after a submarine hit a mountain at the bottom of the South China Sea.

The U.S. Navy said in a statement. The submarine hit the mountain last month.

Vice Admiral Carl Thomas, commander of the Japan Seventh Fleet, took action.

The two sacked are Commander Cameron Algilani and Lieutenant Commander Patrick Cashin.

Commander Cameron Alzilani and Lieutenant Commander Patrick Cashin were fired on Thursday (November 4th), the statement said. Cameron Al Jilani was serving as the commanding officer of the submarine.

Corey Rogers, the master’s chief gold technician, has also been relieved of his duties. Corey Rogers was serving as an adviser to the submarine’s commander and chief executive officer. The officers of the Fast Attack submarine have been removed from their posts due to lack of confidence in them.

The accident took place on October 2 in the South China Sea. The USS Connecticut, a fast attack submarine, hit a mountain at the bottom of the sea. About 12 sailors were injured in the incident.

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