7 Top Motivational Speakers in Pakistan 2021

Motivation guides and inspires someone to live a determined life. And a motivational speaker uses his speech and strong perspectives to influence and motivate people. This speech consists of a lot of inspiration from other’s life and success stories. In this article, I will talk about top motivational speakers in Pakistan.

These speakers encourage people by changing their thoughts on emotional and mental stresses. And they do it by writing books, making YouTube videos, and performing on social media platforms.

These encouraging individuals tell others about their life and success stories in a phenomenal way. This helps people understand certain situations and apply those experiences in their lives.

Role of motivational speaker

  • The main role of an inspiring person is to encourage their audience and provide them a purpose.
  • He or she has to develop an interest in the audience about the desired career. And he never let his listeners become hopeless during the journey of success.
  • He or she makes speeches for his listeners at several events to make them relax. They rather talk about numerous thoughts instead of sticking to one point.
  • Such an individual improves the personality aspects of his audients. He let them face their problems, solve them on their own, and challenge them to become the person they always want to be.
  • He or she offers help to find the purpose and goal-oriented life for his audience.
  • He or she lessens your stress level by their talking behavior for short period.

Top motivational speakers in Pakistan

  • Qasim Ali Shah

Qasim Ali Shah is not only the founder of the Qasim Ali Shah foundation but also the Pakistani motivational speaker. He elaborates on several speeches and experiences to help people live their best life with positivity.

In this country, he is one of the most experienced and thoughtful personalities. He writes books and literature to make people overcome their weaknesses. With his effective phenomenal speaking abilities, he is changing individual thoughts and skillsets.

  • Javed Iqbal

He inspired people more from social media platforms. He encourages his audience by making thoughtful videos on tik tok. Moreover, he is the writer of the book Operative surgery. With plenty of followers on social media, he has been on TV shows.

He has profit many thorough his videos on medical education. He encourages the youth to become a source of healer for others.

  • Salman Asif Siddiqui

Salman Asif Siddiqui established the Education Resource Development Center for the training of teachers and other material developments. With more than 20 years of experience, he is a trainer, orator, and trainer.

He wrote 40 books and has attended many events all across the world including Pakistan. He also establishes several workshops and coaching for teachers and specialists. Salman is also a member of many national and international organizations.

  • Javed Chaudhary

Who doesn’t know Javed Chaudhary? He is a journalist, writer, TV anchor, and host of the program ‘Kal Tak.’ Zero-point and Zero point 2 are his famous writings.

He inspires the youth of Pak through his efficient content and columns. Javed influences others to improve their self-betterment techniques.

You can find his guidance on almost all border topics.

  • Qaiser Abbas

Qaiser Abbas works as an orator, trainer, and psychologist. He helps others to deal all kind of adverse conditions and make them achieve their dreams. Moreover, he is also a co-worker with many superstars in sports and films.

No doubt, he has won awards in leadership and life coaching. Qaiser diverts others toward prosperity through his counseling and business psychology. Many international companies and organizations seek his expertise.

He founded Possibilities Foundation to develop 500,000 non-formal educational institutes to educate poor and unprivileged children.


  • Muniba Mazari

Muniba is a musician, YouTuber, singer, and anchor. She has international followers on YouTube. Moreover, Muniba Mazari is exceptionally prominent as one of the top motivational speakers in Pakistan.

She displays failure as a chance but refuses to become an individual who chooses the option of giving up. Mazari narrates real-life experiences to encourage the audience.

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