Things You Need to Know Before Buying Wholesale Cotton Face Masks

With the increase in the global pandemic, the take on strictness for wearing face masks has increased. People are allowed to step out only if they have a mask on. But most people are wearing masks the wrong way. There are some things that they need to understand before purchasing or making their own masks. If you are buying wholesale cotton face masks, choose the right masks. Simply a piece of the cloth does not make a mask. There are certain things that make masks perform the best they can. 

Before you make a purchase, note the features that make them effective. Whether you purchase masks in bulk for personal use or retail purposes, the right thing is to shop them with a cure. Here are the things you need to know before purchasing masks.

Some fabrics are better than others at preventing virus particles.

Different fabrics have differently sized voids in them. It means some materials will have larger holes in them than others based on how they are made. Their effectiveness depends on how big or small the gaps are. Big holes make it easier for particles or dirt to pass through. At the same time, smaller holes stop them from passing through. Fabrics like canvas, cotton have smaller gaps and are better to shop for. 

Tightly woven fabrics are safer.

Fabrics woven tightly will offer the best protection because their holes are smaller. Many studies say that pillowcases and tea towels provide more protection than the common fabric. It is because they are woven tightly. When purchasing masks in bulk, look for materials with a high thread count. 

More layers increased protection.

According to studies, more than one layer of fabric may increase the protection as they stop the virus from passing through. The downside is that it may be difficult to breathe. If you want the balance between layers of fabric and breathability, look for cotton face masks with two layers. The wholesale cotton face masks may allow you to breathe easily, along with promising increased protection. 

Do not rely on a bandana.  

Cotton masks are made for a reason. According to a study by Missouri S&T engineers, bandanas are the least effective for filtering viruses. It is evident because most bandanas are woven loosely and allow the viruses to pass through. Hence, stay away from bandanas.

The masks should sit right on your face.

When purchasing wholesale cotton face masks, see if the masks are the right size or not. According to experts, masks should snug your face. They should cover your mouth and nose without leaving any space. If there is a gap left between your face and mask, it will arise the risk of catching the virus because there is a space to pass through. 

If you are purchasing the masks for personal use, there might be chances that you are not comfortable with multi-layered masks. If you are unable to breathe, a single-layered mask will also do. Instead of wearing nothing, choose to go with a single-layered fabric.

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