Things to Avoid When Flying on A Private Jet

When most people think of air travel, a picture of the crowded terminals crosses their minds. Along with the long lines at security checkpoints, they have endless rules about luggage and carry-on content. During that time, finding available flights at the correct times and locations to reach their destinations can prove to be a hassle. But there’s another way to fly. Aircraft charter services offer far more convenience than commercial airline flights. They can take you to your destination quickly, safely, and comfortably.

Having said that, there are certain things to avoid when traveling by private jet. Let’s take a look at them in detail:


You do not have to limit yourself to airport destinations that serve commercial airlines. A private charter flight can travel to smaller airports in areas that commercial airliners cannot reach. Many travelers have found themselves spending hours waiting for connecting flights to get to the airport closest to their destination, and then often renting a car, taking a shuttle, or riding a bus to their final location.

However, thousands of smaller airports with no commercial flights are available and can serve private jets. You may also find yourself able to land directly at your destination in one short flight. So, make sure you keep your options open and wide.


You do not have to feel restricted by the limits of commercial airline travel again. In a private charter flight, the focus is on you, the client. Not the airline, not the next load of customers, not the shuffling herds of riders in and out of the terminals – the focus is on you and your group. Stretch out, smile, and enjoy the ride.

Advance Payment

Private jets require payment in advance for charter service. The solution to this is to work with a company that has the scale, capital, relationships, and knowledge to work with airlines, move planes, and resell space (especially for partial charter service) so you can deliver your products as planned. Therefore, it is important that you are able to work out the matter and make fast deliveries.

Let the Crew Work

Don’t expect the crew to babysit or take care of your kid for you. Although the jets have a wide variety of toys, video games, and DVDs just for kids onboard, the crew cannot take care of them for you. The crew members are not babysitters. They’re very busy and cannot always provide a watchful eye. If you’d like nanny service, while onboard, just let your charter broker know. They can help you choose a yacht or make prior accommodations.

Respect Your Boundaries

As a client, make sure you are able to respect and honor the “upstairs/downstairs” concept. This means that you will not invade the private crew areas without a specific invitation. There is enough room for you and the interior setting has been personalized to suit your needs the most. Facilities like the mini-refrigerators and a word to a crew member will ensure they are stocked and replenished with your favorite drinks and snacks throughout your travel.


Make sure you have the required documents and ID proof with yours at all times. An important piece of advice for the first-time traveler is to keep the passport closely. You wouldn’t want to shuffle through your bags to find them when required. Although this is the preliminary aspect of flying privately, money people still forget it.


Flying private means that you can carry more luggage. But that does not mean that you can carry as many bags as you wish. It just depends on how many bags can be accompanied. Because if your bags are overloaded, you will be asked to unload them therein, something no one looks forward to.

In addition to this, the restriction is similar to what you carry on a normal flight. That means sharp objects, flammable objects, firearms, and weapons are banned. However, unlike commercial flights, you will be allowed to carry some amount of liquids.


Comparing the cost of private jets for sale with the commercial airline may seem quite a financial challenge that you may not be able to ignore entirely. However, there is a way to help mitigate the relatively enormous price tag. Although not well known, it is possible to procure a partial air charter.

Here is how it’s done. Similar to an air consolidation option, you can pay for some space on a chartered plane rather than the entire thing. This is a good option for situations when you do not have enough freight to fill a plane but still need capacity.

By following these simple aspects, you can enjoy a safe and hassle-free experience to your destination.

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