The Hidden Benefits And Drawbacks of UroChart You May Have Missed

When looking into any new EMR, you want to be able to tell what all of the pros and cons are. However, deciding can be hard because we’re not always sure what each software has in store for practices. There is always a need for honest reviews that can evaluate the true benefits and drawbacks of the software. This is what can help you decide on the software.

As it comes to UroChart, there are a lot of conflicting reviews out there. Some say this is purely beneficial software, while others have some complaints about how it works. We’re here to offer you an impartial and honest summarization of the software and all of its tools. So without any further ado, here’s a complete breakdown of the pros and cons of this tool.

What Does EMR Do?

Electronic medical records help practices to keep up with their patient records. However, this is just one small aspect of what an EMR has to offer. The modern EMR has evolved to cater to even more aspects of management of a practice. In fact, there are even EMR options that offer solutions specifically for specialty practices, such as urology.

Specialty EMR has its own benefits because it can understand precisely what practices need to maintain their workflow. The software tends to be highly customizable so that there is no delay between implementation and delivery. There is also the fact that it has special tools built specifically for the field you operate in, which can even further improve efficiency.

UroChart EMR is one such specialist EMR that has been created for urology practices. You should keep in mind that this particular software was created with the needs of urology practices in mind as it was created with urologists who understand challenges. It has a lot of pros and cons, which is why we are going to be exploring these sides to the software today.

The Benefits of UroChart

When it comes to studying the biggest benefits of UroChart EHR, we looked through the reviews of the software. After looking through dozens of reviews, we found that these were the most common points noted to be the biggest pros of the software. Read through this section in order to find out what the biggest benefits of this software are.

Access Specialized Tools

When you use UroChart, you get access to software that was created with a urology practice as a model. This software was created by experts in the field and as such, comes into the practice with an understanding of the common gaps and how to address them. Tools like specialist forms, templates, and documentation features help practices gather data.

Navigate With Ease

Another thing mentioned with a lot of the reviews for this solution is that it is one that is easy to navigate. The interface is easy to keep up with, especially when your staff is not very well acquainted with common IT technology. This software comes with touchscreen adaptability, along with general aesthetic navigation, quick movement, and easy access to notes.

Manage Patient Engagement

It is always a priority for practices to keep an eye on patient engagement. This is because having an excellent patient engagement strategy is necessary for the overall growth of any practice. You can use the software to send out reminders for patients before their visit even comes, so there is a smaller chance that they would miss their appointment or get late.

The Drawbacks of UroChart

Just like any other software out there, you may face some issues when you use UroChart. But to get the best possible outcome from this software, you should be able to know the cons beforehand so you can be prepared when it comes to actually use the software. So, here are some of the biggest drawbacks to keep in mind while using this software.

Potential To Lag

As we read through reviews of the software, there were a few complaints that stood out to us. The first of which is the fact that the software can sometimes get very slow. Some reviews even said that the software tends to crash when faced with a lot of information. Others say that their experience happened when more patient information was added.

Delayed Customer Support

Another complaint mentioned by some of the reviewers of this software was that sometimes the customer support team can be slow to respond. This is because a lot of them had to wait a long time to hear back from the team when they had faced any issues. However, other people found the support team to be helpful, especially their own representatives.

Issues With Flexibility

UroChart offers flexibility in terms of the specialty it works with. However, it may not be as flexible as much as needed when dealing with different practice sizes. According to some of the people who reviewed this software, this was a hindrance in their use. For example, they had some services that did not apply to them due to their size which would slow them down.

Final Verdict – Is UroChart Worth It?

After reading through what UroChart reviews have said about this software, you have a clearer picture of what the pros and cons of this software are. You can now make a more informed decision about whether or not you want this software to be at your practice. Keep in mind, the software is constantly updating, changing, and improving what it offers.

You can also learn more about this software by asking for a demo. The demo will let you see the features that are available. Plus, this is also a great time to ask the vendor what the total cost of the software will be. With all of this, you can know if UroChart works for you.

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