The Brief Overview of Personal Care Service

Personal care or home service is not a fancy term in the market. It has been in existence for a while and more and more people are leaning toward it because of the plethora of benefits covered by the service providers. This is the reason why people are looking for reputed home care services. So if you or your loved one looking for assistance, then you might want to try home care King of Prussia.

But first things first

What is Meant by Home Care?

As the name implies, this is the service offered by professionals to provide in-house health care to people suffering from chronic illness or people recovering from major illnesses. The service gives benefits the patient to get top-notch medical care at their doorstep without putting a foot out of the house. Not just this, it also gives them the freedom to live independently while recovering.

All the staff of home care service is licensed and has years of experience in the same. The service can be short-term or long-term based on the requirement of the individual.

Listing Out Type Of Homecare Service

Those who seek home care services often get confused about the type of service offered by the professionals. Here in this section, we are going to put light on the same.

  • Unskilled service – This mostly covers personal care or companionship in which staff helps the patients with their daily activities like cleaning, bathing, etc. Mostly elderly people, individuals with a disability, etc go for such kinds of services.
  • Nursing care – This is the kind of service needed by individuals who are suffering from chronic illness or people who have been through an accident. A professional and licensed nursing staff will be there to look after the patient’s needs. The service provided by the nursing staff includes nursing care, ventilator care, catastrophic care, hourly nursing, tracheostomy care, etc. 
  • Health care – This is the physician-directed care for individuals suffering from illness and who want to recover without staying in a hospital. The services offered include visiting nursing staff, certified home health care, and intermittent care. An example of these services is physical or occupational therapy, medical social work, etc.

Getting a home care service is a suitable option if you have an elderly or ill person at home and if you are unable to provide the care they need. This not keeps guilt away but also makes sure the person gets high-quality medical care.

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