The Amazing Benefits of Yoga to your Mind and Body

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Yoga benefits both your mental and physical health. You will hear many success stories about people overcoming problems like back pain, anxiety, obesity, and such through yoga. It is one of the best ways to keep both the body and mind fit and calm.

Let us discuss some of the benefits of yoga to know why you should begin a routine for yourself. All you need is a yoga mat and wooden mala beads to mediate your way to flexibility and good posture.

What is Yoga?

The simplest way to define yoga is that it is a practice that brings the harmony of both the mind and the body. It involves both art and science. Breathing exercises, holding postures, exercise, and such constitutes the practice of yoga.

Benefits of Yoga 

  • Flexibility and Balance

The use of certain postures and movements in yoga helps in the flexibility and balance of the body. ‘Downdog’, ‘warrior pose’, and such stretch your whole body and help in more flexible body movement. If you are working only on your flexibility, you can order yourself yoga straps for wholesale to help achieve your goal.


  • Losing weight 

Yoga is more than just holding poses. Yoga exercises have helped many fight obesities. Some of the intense exercises in yoga help you burn calories. They also help in the growth and toning of muscles which leads to good metabolism. The more muscles you have, the more calories you burn during rest as well.

  • Relieves stress and anxiety 

Breathing exercises and meditation involved in yoga helps in calming down the nerves. You find yourself immersed and focusing in the present moment keeping you distracted from the troubles. Regular practice has helped many overcome stress as they looked forward to yoga after work or a day’s activity.


  • Spiritual Growth 

Yoga helps you increase your self-esteem blocking all the negativity in your life. You will find a calmer and happier self. Though spirituality may not guarantee you better physical health indirectly you do benefit from your happier self as you take a positive approach to life.  You can practice ‘Bhakti yoga’ using wooden mala beads to find your way to spirituality.

  • Better Heart Health 

Yoga helps in better blood flow of the body.  It addresses problems like stress, obesity, blood pressure which all affects your heart’s health. Keeping this at bay, yoga makes your way to a healthy and happy heart.


  • Increase Strength 

Consistent practice of yoga, especially holding on to poses like handstand, headstand and such, increases your overall body’s strength. With more toned muscles you are stronger and carrying those grocery bags becomes easier for you.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of yoga, go pick up your mat and order yourself yoga straps for wholesale. Find your inner peace with yoga and sleep better and think clearer. Your body is a temple and it deserves all the care and respect from you!

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