Rules of a traditional dirndl dress & lederhosen ensemble


The art of the traditional costume look does not have to break the bank. In fact, even traditional costumes for young adults and adults are increasingly inexpensive. No matter whether a Bavarian Dirndl dress or Lederhosen, you can also find traditional costumes at a relatively low price. There is just one caveat: The traditionally dressed costume should meet certain standards. It must not be too over the top and should not look like a costume that could be used in a carnival or fancy dress party.

If you love traditional clothing and want to get into the spirit of Oktoberfest, don’t just wear lederhosen or dirndls. There are several noteworthy things you can do wrong too, including shoes, accessories or tying bows. You should be on your toes here, so that your entire look comes together in a perfect traditional costume. 

Things to Consider While Getting a Dirndl Dress 

Oktoberfest is famous for its traditional Bavarian dress, and thousands of variations of the traditional German dirndl dress can be found throughout the festival grounds.

Have a look at traditional Oktoberfest accessories for women which complete your German dirndl dress:

Traditional dirndl 

Oktoberfest is an annual festival that takes place in Munich, Germany, and features drinking beer, eating Bavarian food, and wearing traditional German clothing. The traditional or classic dress of a woman at Oktoberfest is a white shirt worn beneath a tightly fitting German dirndl dress with an apron tied around it. The dirndl can either be one-piece or two items: a separate top and skirt.

Although women’s fashion in the late 1800s was very different from what it had been a hundred years earlier, the world’s first Oktoberfest in 1810 featured dresses with large hoopskirts and plenty of material.

Bavarian dirndl dresses have evolved from their original form. At one time, the gowns resembled those worn in the film Gone with the Wind, but today they come in a variety of colors, styles, and fabrics. They remain traditional yet modern.

Purse and bags

At Oktoberfest, you’re not allowed to bring large bags into the beer tents. You should keep your small purse with you inside the tent or else it will be confiscated by security. So it’s probably better to carry a small bag instead.

To complement your Oktoberfest outfit, you can find many styles of crossbody purses. We offer elegant leather options as well as those made from lederhosen fabric or shaped like gingerbread hearts.

Accessories and Jewelry

The most common accessory for Oktoberfest outfits is a choker or ribbon necklace to match your dirndl. Popular decorations include pewter edelweiss flowers, deer (for Bavaria), lions, pretzels, and beer steins.

Bracelets usually match your dirndl and can be made of ribbon, leather, or metal. You can even use a short scarf to tie around your neck and then move it onto one of your wrists as you change up your look.

Things to Consider While Getting a Lederhosen 

Have a look at the things to consider while getting a lederhosen:

Traditional bavarian shirt 

When you shop for Lederhosen, be sure to pick up a Bavarian shirt. The traditional German garb needs to be finished with a traditional Bavarian shirt made of cotton.

Although white Bavarian shirts are the most common during Oktoberfest, it is acceptable to wear any color or checkered shirt with lederhosen as well. 

Lederhosen Socks 

If you’re reaching for Lederhosen shoes, then you might as well reach for a pair of traditional white and green Lederhosen socks. Oktoberfest long socks are traditionally worn with Lederhosen, though the short ones are worn with the Bundhosen.

Lederhosen Shoes 

Although they may not be the most noticeable part of the German Lederhosen, the shoes are an integral part of the costume. 

In the 19th century, affluent Bavarians created a peasant garment called Lederhosen by replacing the traditional woolen fabric with leather, adding decorative embroidery to it, and wearing dainty leather shoes with it.

You must add a pair of traditional Bavarian and Trachten shoes to your Lederhosen outfit. These shoes are made from suede leather and are most commonly worn in dark and lightweight brown shades.

The accessories below are a few suggestions to accessorize your Oktoberfest costume. It’s very easy to add a bit of culture to your outfit with these items, and they’ll help you look great too! Whether you plan on dressing in costume or not, Oktoberfest is a great time to celebrate the fall weather and German culture.

So, if you are planning to buy lederhosen for your next beer party in Bavaria. You know what to do. Go grab a pair of affordable Dirndl dress at Dirndl Online Store and surprise your friends at your upcoming party or event. Dress up the best this Oktoberfest season!

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