Restaurants and bars, when the vaccine is mandatory: what changes with the super green pass

Super green pass: new rules for going to eat in bars and restaurants. What changes in the white, yellow, orange, and red areas.

With the decree of November 24, the rules for all indoor catering services, such as pubsrestaurants, and bars, are changed, with the provision of limitations for those who are not vaccinated.

Rules for catering activities also apply in the white zone – but only for a limited period – as well as, of course, in case of the passage of the region in the yellow or orange zone. Therefore, catering activities are prohibited to those who have not undergone the vaccine for Covid, as they will not be able to eat – indoors – sitting at the table in bars and restaurants even in the event of a negative swab.

A necessary change of pace with the government that wants to give a boost to the vaccination campaign to stem the fourth wave. On the other hand, about 87% of the Over 12 population is now vaccinated and the 90% target seems to be very far away.

Catering services in the white, yellow, and orange areas: how it works today

Before we see what is going to change, remember how it works today: a green pass – issued after vaccination, cure or testing negative Covid – it is only required to eat indoors – both white area that the yellow – and all ‘ open this is not necessary.

If the yellow zone should be triggered, however, bars and restaurants should respect a certain capacity: here, in fact, a maximum of 4 people can sit at the table, unless they are cohabitants, with a minimum distance of 1 meter between the diners.

If, on the other hand, the orange zone is triggered, bars and restaurants will have to remain closed to the public. These are the rules according to current legislation, but the new decree approved on Wednesday 24 November by the Council of Ministers brings important changes.

Who can go to the restaurant in the white and yellow zone

The decree that the Council of Ministers has just approved replaces the green pass for some areas with the super green pass, issued only in the event of recovery or following vaccination.

Among these areas are the indoor catering services. So even to eat at the restaurant, or in any case to use all the other indoor catering services, you will need to show the super green pass.

This rule always applies in the yellow zone: should there be a color change in a region, therefore, the unvaccinated will only be able to sit outside the catering services.

In the white zone, however, the obligation of the super green pass is only applied indoors during the Christmas holidays, from 6 December to 15 January (with the possibility of an extension).

It remains to understand what will happen in the yellow zone, that is, whether restaurants will still have to respect the limit of four people per table or if this limitation, given the introduction of the super green pass, will stop being applied.

However, we remind you that the limitation only concerns table services. For example, you can continue to enter bars to have a coffee at the counter without the need to present any certification.

Who can go to the restaurant in the orange or red zone

Another novelty of the decree approved by the Council of Ministers is that for which the restrictions provided for in the orange zone apply only to non-vaccinated people.

In the orange zone, therefore, bars and restaurants will not close: they will remain open, but only those in possession of the super green pass will be able to use their services – both indoors and outdoors.

In the red zone, however, a sort of lockdown would be triggered and in this case, there would be no distinctions between vaccinated and not. Consequently, should the red zone be triggered, the insurance businesses that provide catering services would still be closed.

Restrictions for parties and ceremonies

Another novelty of the new decree is that for which the super green pass is required – always in the yellow area and from 6 December to 15 January in the white area – also for partiesdiscos, and public ceremonies.

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