Reduce Your Teen’s Insurance by Taking a Defensive Driving Course

As a teen learning to drive, you take more risks than you do when you’re older. Among teens in the U.S., car accidents are the leading cause of death. The insurance companies view teenagers as a very high risk and adjust their rates accordingly. The insurance company can raise your rates if your child reaches the legal driving age. Depending on the law of your state, your teen may be automatically covered under your insurance policy. It is best to contact your insurance company to find out before something like that occurs and try to prevent it from happening in the first place. Your rates can be kept as low as possible by doing certain things. Defensive driving courses are a great option.

A number of states have laws requiring insurance companies to adjust insurance rates for drivers who take defensive driving courses. Those who complete the courses statistically experience lower accident rates. This includes both adults and teens. Defensive driving classes are designed to inform and educate drivers on how they can avoid risks on the road. Insurers will then lower their rates and reward these policy holders with lower rates.

You may first want to check with your insurer if your primary reason for signing up for a defensive driving class is to get a discount on your insurance because some companies do not offer discounts. You may receive a list of recommended defensive driving schools or courses from some companies for the sake of being eligible for a discount. You may learn new skills that will keep you safe on the road by taking a defensive driving course in addition to lowering your insurance rates.

Having a defensive driving course completed by teens in your family is a good idea. These classes are flexible to accommodate different schedules. Students can complete the course in one long learning day, or in several hours over a few days. This is taught in a classroom setting where students will be taught about cars, traffic, and the rules of the road. The course will conclude with a test. You can show the insurance company the passed test and the appropriate paperwork to receive a discount when you pass the test. 5 hour class queens and education have come a long way and there are many schools offering these courses. To find the best one, read reviews and shop around.

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