Recreate Horror Movie Characters Iconic Looks with Coloured Contact Lenses

To look unique and stand out on Halloween, you need a Halloween look that not a lot of people would be willing to try out. Most people look for the easy way out and do not put much effort into your costume.

Well, Halloween is an occasion characterized by its spookiness and the liberty it gives you to express your creative side freely, for once. It is officially that season of the year when you can show everyone your artistic side and be fearless with it too.

The more unique and individualistic your Halloween costume is, the more praise you will earn for it. Halloween costume parties are a great place to flaunt your Halloween look.

The joy of this renowned and scary holiday lies with scaring little children with your scary, bloody costume and a blood-chillingly terrifying makeup look. A genius idea to take your outfit from zero to a hundred is adding Coloured Contact Lenses to your face.


You must have noticed how characters of a horror film always have something distinctive about their eyes; either they are differently-coloured, eccentric and bright looking, monocolour and lifeless, or having weird patterns on the surface of the eye.

These variations are used to give the viewer goosebumps by making them feel like these creatures are real and exist in the world. You can achieve a Halloween look as horrifying as a horror character by incorporating coloured contact lenses in your Halloween wardrobe this year.


Some tips to keep in mind while inserting your lenses in your eye


If you are new at wearing contact lenses, you may need some basic guidelines for carrying out this process. The most important tip is staying relaxed and knowing that it’s not as hard as it seems!

  • Always properly wash your hands with a disinfectant hand wash thoroughly before handling your coloured contact lenses with your hands. Dirty hands may transfer bacteria from your hands to the lens surface and then irritate your eye.
  • Please keep your contact lenses in a specified container and make sure it is clean at all times. Keep changing the lens’ solution often to ensure their safety and cleanliness.
  • Put the lens on your fingertip or use a specified tool to insert it in your eye. Look on the other side while you insert the lens.
  • Close your eye and massage the eyelid slightly to fix the lens in its place correctly. This will ensure the lens sticks to its designated spot.
  • Do not sleep with your contact lenses inserted in your eyes because that may cause an eye infection or give rise to excessive itching or irritation in the eye.
  • Pinch the surface of the lens slightly to take it out. Splash water in your eye if it causes you any discomfort.


Horror Movie Characters that you can recreate for Halloween


For once in their lives, everyone has wanted to recreate famous horror movie characters that look and feel incredibly spooky. Here are some of the looks you can pull off easily with the aid of Halloween contact lenses.


  1. Frankenstein’s Monster

An enthusiastic horror movie fan would know how scary and gory Frankenstein’s monster is! It is a perfect fit for a Halloween costume that people will swoon over because it is famous, frightening, and executed to perfection!

You will need some white hair spray, meshed grey coloured lenses, and some prosthetics using skills to pull off this look. Contour your face with dark brown shades to make it look more structured, and wear a dark shade of maroon lipstick to match the character’s vibe perfectly.

The critical point about this character is the stitches on the side of its face that you can create using 3D art and simple face paints or existing threads and eyeshadows. The creative aspect depends on you, keep going and see where your skills take you!


     2- Babadook


With long pointy fingers, all-black clothes, and long curly hair, Babadook has always successfully scaring both kids and adults.

This character has something so creepy about it that you cannot help but get goosebumps whenever you look at it. With that being said, it is the perfect choice for a spine-chilling Halloween look.

You can use pieces from your wardrobe to create an all-black outfit; a knee-length dress with tights is preferable. Moreover, you also need a long black-haired wig that is frizzy.

Wear a fedora on top to duplicate all aspects of the character and execute it flawlessly. As far as makeup is concerned, all you need is a white face paint and a whole lot of creativity.

Adding all-white or yellow Halloween contact lenses will provide excellent contrast and make your eyes pop out from the rest of the look, giving them an even scarier vibe.

The best feeling is that people recognize the character you took inspiration from, which is an outstanding achievement. With this look and the Halloween contact lenses, you will surely steal all the limelight.

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