All You Need To Know About Reasons For Fall Goose Control

In many parts of public parks and recreational areas, resident Canada geese cause a slew of concerns. Long-term remedies to these issues are difficult to execute in their entirety.

The most important thing to remember when developing a management strategy for nuisance goose problems is to keep in mind that long-term success will take time, and that unless human tolerance for geese changes, population reduction will be a vital aspect of any long-term solution.

They don’t have to be a nuisance  if you use a geese repellent like Canada goose control!

Here are five reasons why the fall is such an important season for geese control:

1. Prepare for Goose Control Success by Following These Steps

Geese control is a year-round issue. 6-7 applications per year are required for a successful Flight Control programme. Once you’ve successfully made your lawns repellent for remaining over the winter and nesting during the spring with the autumn spray, you can go ahead and make it permanently uninviting for geese with follow-up treatments.

2. Throughout the Winter, One Flight Control Application Is Effective!

An application on dormant grass will last all winter until you start mowing grass again in the spring since our geese control repellant will not be washed away by rain, sleet, or snow.

This covering will last for months on your lawn, preventing geese from eating on it! How’s that for perseverance?

3. Geese are looking for a place to nest in the spring.

Technically, the Giant Canada Geese in Missouri are not migratory if they abandon their nesting grounds and travel 50 miles to golf courses and corporate “campuses” to eat grass all winter.

Food may lead them to shift from a nesting place to a wintering area, but this is not migration.

Any geese management program’s main goal is to prevent the birds from nesting in the spring.

If you succeed, there may be little to no geese activity for the rest of the season, which we predict will last several months.

If you make your property uninviting now, they’ll be less inclined to return in the spring when it’s time to nest.

4. The geese are on the lookout for a wintering spot.

You don’t want that to happen to you! You know how rambunctious geese can be. In a single day, a single goose can create up to 3 pounds of droppings! This is only one of the reasons you don’t want them to live on your property indefinitely.

Geese control measures used just before the winter season will keep them from making your grass their winter home.

Using a liquid repellent around the edges of ponds and near your buildings or occupied areas, as well as placing decoys in strategic positions, you can effectively deter geese from returning.

When you put netting and wire in key spots, the only place you’ll see geese is flying majestically through the sky.

Noisemakers, hired goons, and gigantic angry cats are all possibilities. It’s also feasible that not having any grass at all will suffice.

5. Geese move a lot this time of year.

“Migratory Birds Convention Act” is an agreement between the US and Canada, to assure that migratory species(birds that fly to other habitats during winter) are conserved.

The agreement makes both the countries liable to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to protect the habitats and stave off some species like ducks and geese from being over-hunted.


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