Outdoor Chandelier and Other Outdoor Lighting

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There are many options for outdoor lighting, including outdoor chandeliers. You can get highly creative with how you use your lighting. It is not just for pathways anymore.

Outdoor chandeliers can be beautiful if placed in the right spot. They cannot be out in the open air because they will get wet in the rain. They will do wonderful in outdoor patios and other areas that are out of the rain. 

There are many places where you can buy outside lighting across the country. One place that you could choose is Cocoon Furnishings in Oakville which has many options for you. They can also help you to figure out where to place your lighting.

This article will help you to learn a little about outside lighting, including outside chandeliers. It will help you with some ideas of where to place them. You can also do more research to find out more information on your own. 

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Outdoor Lighting Facts

  1. First Lights – The first outdoor illumination was lights filled with oil. They were for lighting up garden paths and courtyards. This eventually gave way to electric ones and the ones that we know of today.
  1. Why Use Them? There are many reasons to use outside lighting today. These make your property look nice and highlight different areas: https://www.entergynewsroom.com/article/four-ways-outdoor-lighting-benefits-your-home/.  They also enhance the security of your home because the bad guys do not like to see them. 
  1. Types of Lighting – There are different types of lights for your yard and garden areas. Some are simple and can illuminate your pathways, while some are more ornate. You can even have a chandelier on your patio if you choose. 
  1. Where Should You Put Your Lights? You can put them in many different places to accent your yard. You could put them along pathways or walkways, or you light up garden areas. They could also be used to enhance patios and decks. 
  1. How Much Will They Cost? This depends on the type that you are using. If you are buying chandeliers for your patio, they will cost more than the ones that illuminate your sidewalk. On the other hand, if you are buying pathway illumination for an acre or more, you might spend more than just one patio chandelier. 
  1. What are Some Common Problems? One of the most common problems is that they are installed wrong. You do not want to install them so that they flash people in the face as they are walking up your sidewalk. See here for more problems you might have. You also do not want them distracting people who may be driving by your home or garden.
  1. Are They Safe for Your Garden? Most of the outside lighting will be safe for your plants. Be careful to make sure that they are not high voltage, this could harm the plants. Place them so that they are not shining directly on the plants, but away from them. 
  1. Can You Install Them Yourself? You could do it on your own if you follow some simple steps. The first step is deciding where they go, followed by marking that area. Measure and mark the area so you know where to place the lights.

Dig holes, if necessary, and then place them in the hole. Make sure that they are level with the ground and then fill up the holes. This will make your yard look more complete. 

  1. Can You Have Them Installed? You can have them installed by a professional. It will cost you more than it would cost to do it on your own, but you would have someone to fall back on if you paid to have it done. You would also have a more professional look if you paid to have it done. 
  1. What System Would Look Best on My Property? That depends on your property and what style you like. If you want something fancy, you could choose your outdoor chandelier and then go from there. You would want your area lights to match your patio lights, or at least complement them.


Outdoor lighting is a great way to enhance the look of your property. You could choose a variety of lights that would look good for your property. Consider outdoor chandeliers for your deck or patio that are covered, they will look beautiful. 

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