New Highway Code, tight on scooters

Still no decision on the license plate and insurance

November 12, 2021Electric scooters have been the protagonists of our streets in this last period. The usage has grown exponentially and is just as increased risks, so much so that there have also been several cases in the news and, unfortunately, some victims. For this reason, the legislator intervened and in the amendments to the Highway Code, there is a section dedicated to these vehicles.

The limitation of scooters

The speed limit drops from 25km / h to 20km / h (6km / h in pedestrian areas). Furthermore, the scooters cannot circulate (except for driving by hand) or be parked on the sidewalks, while there remains the possibility of parking in the stalls for bicycles and mopeds.

An acoustic warning device, a speed regulator, and, starting from July 2022, arrows and brake indicators on both wheels are mandatory. At night the position light and reflector vest will be mandatory. Harsh sanctions also for those who travel with a tampered motor scooter: the confiscation of the vehicle is foreseen.

Still no decision regarding the license plate and insurance requirement.

Refuse and cell phones: more severe fines

It is no longer just the mobile phone. Now the law expressly provides for a fine even for those who while driving use tablets, laptops, or any other device that makes you take your hands away from the wheel.

The fines for those who throw objects or waste on the street double: in particular, the fine will range from a minimum of 216 to 866 euros for those caught throwing waste from stationary or moving cars (previously the penalty was 108-433 euros), while those who throw a butt or a piece of paper out of the window while driving the car will have to pay between 56 and 204 euros against the previous 26-102 euros.

Stop sexist advertising

There is another article that has aroused the curiosity of many: the Code now prohibits any form of advertising deemed offensivesexist, violent, or discriminatory on roads and vehicles. The violation of this rule involves the revocation of the relative authorization and the immediate removal of the billboard or other advertising medium.

Although we can agree on the principle, the question remains as to how to decide whether the content is following the law. Who will decide it? And what is the limit? Questions that remain pending.

The new Highway Code has already been in force since 10 November 2021.

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