Moving tips: How to maintain proper hygiene

With the pandemic still active at the time, moving requires extra attention and care to safety and hygiene. It is not necessary to take extreme or complex actions to avoid developing health problems while you are moving. It is possible to prevent the spread of viral infections by using proper sanitation and precautions as recommended by experts and common sense.

These precautions will be applicable not only during a time of the pandemic but also at other times. Safety, health, and hygiene must all be considered, even during removals.

Hygiene protocols ensure the safe removal

Most often, the transmission of viruses and infectious particles occurs by close contact with others and through respiratory droplets. Evidence suggests that viruses like COVID-19 can survive for long periods on surfaces made from a variety of materials. To prevent the spread, it is best to disinfect and clean surfaces in your home.

We can dramatically reduce the risk of spreading viruses such as coronavirus by cleaning and disinfecting surfaces both during and after the move.
Let’s look at some quick tips for disinfecting items during Residential Moving.

Ensure you have cleaning and hygiene supplies ready for when you move.

The importance of having the right supplies in all areas during a crisis such as the current has been highlighted. This is also true for a pandemic that’s in the process of moving. To maintain safety, all we need are household cleaning products.

Common disinfectants can eliminate viruses from surfaces. The hydroalcoholic gel could do the same with our hands. gloves, masks and hand soap and paper towels are some other materials we might need. We must not forget to wash rags when cleaning surfaces.

For good hygiene, clean high-touch surfaces before you move.

Once you have collected all the cleaning supplies and hygiene products, it is time to remember to use them. You should first disinfect and clean all surfaces in your home that are high touch. This is Paying particular attention to doorknobs and common furniture such as tables and chairs, light switches, and toilets.

Do not forget your smartphones, tablets, and touchscreens. Moving boxes and storage containers are also a precaution. If it is the case, the handrails or handrails on stairs that are used regularly should be considered.

Hand sanitizer should be kept near the entrance

Household members moving should wash their hands often. Just clean your hands with soap and water for approximately 20 seconds. You can also use a hand sanitizer and hydroalcoholic gel. It is recommended that you keep hand soap in the bathrooms, kitchen, and at the entrance. This will make it easy for all moviegoers to access.

Keep the doors wide open for your move

It is important to not touch surfaces that are touched frequently by others when moving during a time of crisis. If we leave the front door open and all other doors that must be opened by the moving crew or carriers, it will make it easier for us to avoid touching the knobs and doorknobs. This will prevent potential problems from occurring.

Clean cardboard boxes

It has been proven that viruses can be detected on cardboard for as long as 24 hours and plastic and steel for 72 hours. It is recommended to clean all cardboard and plastic containers before you open moving boxes. To prevent viruses and germs from growing on the surfaces, a little disinfectant is enough. After you have finished packing, remember to clean your hands thoroughly.

Always be safe

You can avoid getting a virus by washing your hands often, using a mask approved for moving, and cleaning up the destination safely. Ask your moving company what precautions they recommend for you to take when moving your belongings from one place to another.

They are experienced in this type of transfer and will be able to provide us with helpful advice and practical suggestions on what precautions we should take. It is a smart idea to work with them to make sure you have all the necessary checks before you move in.

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