6 Most Expensive Hot Wheels Cars that are still worth buying

You often see Hot wheel cars as an aesthetic piece that makes your interior nothing but amazing. Often seen as a toy stacked on grocery store shelves, these cars are loved by adults too!

All hot wheel lovers know that a dollar bill can get them their favorite cars in a variety of different colors, makes, and unique models. These stylish cars allow you to create your world of adventure with super-fast race cars and dashing monster trucks.

Often known as inexpensive kid’s toys, these cars are valued at over thousands of dollars.It’s a bit difficult to identify that which redline hot wheels care are valuable to buy.  Following is the list of the 6 most expensive hot wheels cars to drool over! Let’s dig in.

1. 1969 Pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb

Why not start with a bomb?

By that, we mean bomb price and bomb model. 1969 Pink Volkswagen is the most valuable and expensive hot wheels car ever to exist!

Call it the “Holy Grail” of Hot Wheels. Owned by a hot wheel’s collector Bruce Pascal, this 1969 Pink Beach Bomb is one of only two existing models in circulation.

This hot wheel pink bomb was a prototype that never got a chance of massive production because it was too narrow and heavy at the top.



This expensive hot wheel’s car is reportedly worth $175,000

2. 1968 “Cheetah” Base Python

The 1968 Python With “Cheetah” Base is approximately worth over $10,000.

This fantastic model is a blend of hard work done by the United States and Hong Kong manufacturing plants. Styled using ’61 Corvair and ’60 Pontiac, and a small Ford engine. Later, some restyling was done to make the model innovative, known as “Tiger Shark.”


A handful of these red cars exist, which are being sold for over $10,000 via auctions.

3.  1974 Blue Rodger Dodger

Rodger Dodger is as cute as the name. It is a standard car that you can easily find on eBay, ranging in colors like yellow, red, and purple.

The blue one is a rare piece as only seven cars were produced in the mid of 1970s.


If you are wondering how much a Rodger dodger costs, you’d be surprised to know that it costs around $8,000.

4.  1970 “Mad Maverick.”

The word Mad written underneath indeed has a role to make this model rare.

This hot wheels car is rare simply because of the word ‘mad’. Mad Maverick being the original title, was replaced by Mighty Maverick. It is the fifth most expensive hot wheel cars.


This rare model is worth $15,000

5. 1970 Ed Shaver Custom AMX

This exclusive model was sold in blue color only in the UK. Carrying the rare Ed Shaver sticker, this model is part of the hot wheels exclusive racing ars series.


Only a few models exist and have a worth of over $4,000.

6. 1995 Collector Number 271 Funny Car

One of the biggest reasons this is the most expensive hot wheel cars that produced only 12 cars of this model—ultimately making it the most rare hot wheels car. These cars were produced with ‘271’ collector’s number beautifully printed on them.


This Hot Wheel car has a value of around $3,500.


Hot wheel cars, are no doubt a gem in your toy garage. We hope by now you’ve realized the worth of these drag cars by reading this guide of the 6 most expensive Hot Wheels cars. These models surely carry history and strong aesthetics that make them worthy of your investments.

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