Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes to Custom Packaging Boxes

So, we all are aware of the importance of custom packaging, and we all know how it revolutionized from a mere product carrier to a lethal marketing tool for brands. If you aren’t, then you probably have been living under a rock. Everyone loves the perks of custom product packaging until they find out how big of a hassle it is to customize the product packaging. 

Customized packaging boxes can take your brand to another level in a pretty short time because this helps you spread your name in the market. But, customizing the product packaging isn’t a child’s play because you have to pay a lot of attention to every detail, and you also have to study the market and your targeted audience.

But the results are worth it when you finalize the packaging. There is a lot of room for making mistakes, and some of these mistakes can take your brand way back in the race to reach the summit of the market. In this blog, we will tell you about the mistakes that can throw your brand into a pit, and how you can avoid them. So, without dragging it any further, let’s dive right into it.

Material Wastage 

The first and biggest mistake to avoid when it comes to custom product packaging is the wastage of material. You put your blood and sweat into making a brand and customizing the product packaging, wouldn’t you get hurt to see your packaging material go to waste? There are multiple consequences you will have to face if this happens, first, you spend your precious time negotiating with the packaging supplier about the cost of packaging and that time will go to waste if you are generating waste.

Secondly, you are throwing your money down the drain, and lastly, customers won’t think good of your brand because you are worsening the already bad environmental health. 

You can avoid this by using custom product packaging because your packaging will be made on order, and the custom packaging boxes manufacturer won’t require many resources to assemble them.

Incorrect Box Size 

Another big mistake that most brands make at the start or even when they have gained some experience and the mistake you have to avoid is choosing the wrong sized boxes. No matter how much customization takes over the product packaging, the primary purpose of product packaging will remain the same and that is to keep the product safe. This won’t happen if you use the wrong-sized boxes, why?

Because when you use big boxes for small products, then the product inside the box will be tossed around which can result in damage. On the other hand, if your box is too tight for the product, your product will face immense pressure which can also result in damage. So, it is recommended that you take the exact measurements of your product and share them with your packaging manufacturing company so that they can make perfectly sized custom set-up boxes.

Spelling And Grammatical Mistakes 

This is the one mistake that will force customers to put you on the blacklist. Let’s be honest here, imagine you are dreaming of fighting with the big boys of your specific industry which is possible, and then you make a spelling mistake on your product packaging. Do you even know how embarrassing it can be? This happens to brands, and your brand becomes a joke for your competitors. This mistake can cause severe damage to your brand and hopes.

Poor Readability 

This is probably the most common mistake of the lot, and brands even notice that but don’t bother correcting it. They don’t bother correcting it because they think it will work fine, and who reads little details on the product packaging. 

First of all, it doesn’t work because this makes your product packaging look messy, and secondly, customers these days are more educated than they ever have been about the product packaging, and they do read the details on the product packaging because they want to make sure that they are spending their hard-earned money on the right product.

Also, when you use low-quality printing, it won’t hold the graphics on the product packaging for a long time, and in no time, your packaging will begin to look like just an average product packaging.

Not Using Eco-Friendly Packaging 

At this moment in time, no mistake gets bigger than this because our planet is facing a huge threat that needs to be addressed on priority. Plastic products and packaging played a crucial role in making the threat this big. Customers are boycotting the brands that are using harmful packaging materials, and you don’t want to use them because this will end your brand journey before it even begins. The best part about eco-friendly product packaging is that they are cost-effective, easy to customize, decomposable, and also helps you gain an edge over your competitors

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