Mirza Ghalib Best Poetry

Mirza Ghalib Best Poetry

Feelings can be expressed in various styles. An innocent way to express the feelings of the heart is the use of poetry. Our category of Heart Broken Poetry in Urdu is embalming the feelings in an elegant way. Human sentiments get communication in an ideal way by the art of words.

 Words can be directed and sketched which are parallel to the utterance of emotions. Anguish people can compensate for their sorrow by varieties of epigrams. Heart Broken Poetry in Urdu is written by many poets. Faraz Ahmad Faraz is accentuating the feelings by directing his art of words in an effective way. Many sorts of sonnets by Ahmad Faraz are amazingly featuring the emotions of broken hearts.

 The rhythm and the use of deep words are amazingly done by Ahmad Faraz. A heartbroken person’s feelings can be healed by his ghazals. Aesthetic poetry in Urdu literature takes a renowned position all over the world. The style of rhythmic tones is magnificently designed. Poetry from many other legends like Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Parveen Shakar, Mirza Ghalib Best Poetry, Wasi Shah, and many others.

In a metaphoric sense, a broken heart is related to intense depression and anxiety. This is due to a break of social attachment which can be regarded as emotional affairs. There are many historical stories of love and romance which have sorrowful endings. Psychology says heartbroken is just a metaphor which is representing the pain of a person because of the deep longings from his beloved ones.

 Poetry is the most popular in Urdu literature. Every language has its own poetic sense. In Urdu, a ghazal is a unique form of poetry. The rhythmic sonnets are basic for making ghazal. The rhythmic tone is made by indulging the Qaafiya and Radif like in one of the Mir Taqi Mir ghazal Hasti Apni Habib ki sii ha (ki sii ha is radif).  Sonnets may have different ideas. Longings can be defined in the form of ghazal. 

 Heart Broken Poetry in the Urdu category contains many ghazals of our legendary poets. These ghazals can be sung because of their rhythmic tone. State of grief-stricken people can be drawn in the form of Urdu poetry. Different poets like Mirza Ghalib Best Poetry and Khvaja Atish describe the appearance of the lover, in Urdu, which is called Mehboob. 

The poetry of a broken heart is more than just words on paper. The depth and power it has, to reach even those who don’t understand or speak your language can not be matched by any other form–not even music for its beauty in expressing what we feel inside ourselves when everything seems lost but still manages to exist somewhere deep down within us all along anyway no matter how hard things seem right now

A broken heart is like a piece of glass, it will never be whole again. The pain you feel when someone loves us more than ourselves resonates forever within our soul and leaves scars that can’t heal over with time; no matter how hard we try or what faith means to people who believe they don’t need anything else besides themselves for happiness—their own self-preservation mechanism (which ironically also includes love).

The heart is a fragile thing, it cannot withstand the harshness of life. The best way for you to get over someone who has hurt your feelings or caused pain in some other way may be through writing them out on paper and reading these words aloud; this will help release all that pent up energy within one’s self without having too many interruptions from others around us which can often serve only as distractions rather than helping with healing at hand because everyone wants their story told every time they ask “how are things going?” Unfortunately, sobriety isn’t always enough when dealing

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Do you know the feeling of being heartsick? You can’t stop thinking about someone and your world seems to be darkening day by day. I do not need any convincing, because this is my reality right now  plastering over me like a thick coat that never fades away no matter how hard I try or what happens in life since then everything remains an enigma with only one question “Where are they?” My faith has been challenged beyond repair but there’s still some light shining through which gives me hope every night before sleeping so I do just give up on love.

My heart is aching with grief.  I’m so sad and all alone in this cold world, but then again that’s how it has always been- lonely and hopeless at times when there were no more tears left for me to cry or worries on my mind; just emptiness where nothing could fill up those endless voids inside of me anymore…

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