Marketing Tips for Pressure Washing Businesses

1. Get referrals from existing customers

Pressure washing businesses need to build their referral base. Have your happy customers tell their friends and neighbors about your services. You can offer them a reward for each referral. As an example, you might give them a 10% discount off their next visit if they refer someone.

2. Network with other local professionals

Building relationships with other professionals in the area is also important. There may be existing customers who need pressure washing services for roofers, landscapers, gutter cleaners, and house painters, for instance. Get to know the right people so you can earn their referral business.

3. Invest in a good website

Professionally designed websites make great first impressions! They give prospective clients a good idea of what your business offers. On the homepage, you should find your email address, phone number, and other important information.

4. Design and print flyers and brochures

Power washing leads can be generated in this way easily! Printing out some simple pressure washing flyers and posting them around town does not take much time at all. Public libraries, grocery stores, and local coffee shops frequently have community bulletin boards. Additionally, there is nothing wrong with mailing the flyers directly to your neighbors’ mailboxes.

5. Advertise in the local newspaper

You can advertise your business in a local newspaper or community newsletter. You might advertise your business website, contact information, or even a discount coupon in your ad.

6. Pass out business cards

It’s still important to have business cards! A few extras are easy to keep in your wallet or purse. Giving your card helps to establish a personal connection. You will be able to see a physical reminder of your interaction earlier in the day when they empty their pockets at night.

7. Submit your business to online directories

Pressure washing companies can be found in many online directories. You should be listed in all the major directories. You should also keep your profiles updated regularly. If you move your business, make sure the address is updated. Keep your contact information updated if you change your phone number.

8. Join a trade association

A number of professional associations are available to pressure washing contractors. They regularly provide leads to their dues-paying members. 

9. Post pictures of your work

An after-and-before picture can be a very helpful marketing tool! We can do pressure washing for your business or home and completely transform its appearance. You can convince potential customers to hire you by sharing photos of your most recent jobs. Your clients can see for themselves how good your work is.

10. Online Marketing for Pressure Washing

After all, pressure washing is a business, so you’ll need a website. It will look like a flyer that’s easy to access and easy to navigate. A customer who needs a simple job done shouldn’t have to do more work than they need to in order to acquire your services. Your business’s information needs to be placed in easy-to-read places along with tabs to guide customers where they need to go. 

Additionally, accounts should be set up on various social media platforms to coincide with the website. A Facebook or Instagram page for your pressure washing business can help you gain followers and keep everyone informed. You can gain a following by thanking people for using your services or doing something special for them within your account. To keep your followers interested in what your business does, post frequently and stay consistent with your posting.

Marketing through pressure washing can take many forms, including social media, videos, emailing, etc. A partnership with another company can also help your business gain customers. 

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