Learning the Features Of Screen Recording Apps

Learning the Features Of Screen Recording Apps

When doing video conferences or calls with your colleagues at work, you have to find proper tools and software to help you manage video conferences and calls without any issues. You have to know that one of the best tools to achieve effective communication is screen recorder apps, and you have to look for the perfect one if you want all of your colleagues from work to benefit from it. 

After you find the most suitable screen recorder app for your job, it is ideal for learning how the app functions. You should know that every app has all sorts of features, and everyone might get confused with the features due to their similarities. You should understand several features of screen recording apps to help you stay updated when you and your colleagues use them for future video conferences and calls. 

Feature #1 – Shareable Video Messages

The first feature you should know about screen recorder apps is that you can easily share video messages. In some cases, you may need to relay an important message to your colleagues, and typing or texting the message will only be a waste of time. Screen recorder apps let you create a quick video message to any of your workers so that you can get your message across at once. 

It will also make your job effective since you can finish tasks or projects while sending out long messages to other employees. What also makes screen recorder apps great is that you can send or share video messages whether you are on your phone or work computer. 

Feature #2 – Make On-the-fly Screen Markings

The next feature that you will like about a screen recorder app is it lets you create markings on video calls. It is an important feature for many companies, especially when they conduct multiple video calls and conferences within a day. When there are corrections to be made on the data presented to other colleagues, it will not take a long time to do the corrections since you can create markings on-the-fly. 

You can also draw on your screen to help explain your thoughts effectively so that everyone within the call can understand the topic you are talking about. And if you make mistakes while drawing on your screen, the app can let you erase specific parts or everything without a problem. Do not forget that screen recorder apps were specifically built to achieve excellent communication. 

Feature #3 – High-quality Screen Recording

The screen recording app functions by recording everything shown on a laptop or computer screen. You can say goodbye to sending screenshots or images to all of your colleagues because it is a time-consuming task to do. If you want to avoid going through the effort of sending pictures, you have to use the app’s screen recording feature. 

What makes it a great app is that everyone participating in the video conference can clearly view what is on their computer or laptop screen. You do not have to present documents or data on camera since they can see your screen on any device. You can expect no issues doing video meetings every day when using a screen recording app. 

Suppose you or your colleagues still do not use a screen recording app. In that case, you should find one and integrate it into your daily online activities at once to achieve effective communication. 

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