What is Joint Replacement: Types, Cost, Process and Operation

A lot of people; especially the ones who are in their old ages; go through a lot of knee pain and mobility problems. Which does not give away with medications and exercises. So, the last resort to treat them is by; having a full or partial joint replacement process. But, the decision of going through the process of joint replacement; is a big decision. Also if you have medical insurance; the cost of joint replacement surgery can be less. If you prepare well before the surgery; you can also go through it with ease and positive results. Before thinking of any joint replacement surgery consult an orthopaedic doctor in Kota.

Joint replacement

However, if you want to have all information; about the types of joint replacement; types of process and the cost of the operation. Read down the article to the end.

Types of Joint replacement surgeries-

There are different types of joint replacement surgeries; which a person can go through. The surgeries are according to the medical condition the man is going through. Some of the joint replacement surgeries are as follows-

1. Total Joint replacement-

In this surgery, the damaged parts are removed and are replaced by a robotic knee replacement. This surgery can highly improve mobility and pain relief in the patient. This type of surgery can be done on the knee, hip and shoulder. In this surgery small incisions are made; and also requires a shorter recovery time than others.

2. Hip replacement surgery-

In this surgery, a new hip implant is placed; by removing the damaged one. And for this an anterior hip technique is chosen; in which the sparring of muscles take less recovery time. Also, there is a technique known as the partial hip replacement technique; which is more common in older people. Also, in this process, the femoral head is removed.

3. Knee replacement surgery-

The knee joint divides into three parts; which is the lateral, medial and patellofemoral compartments. So, if the damage is only in any of the 2 parts then a partial surgery is done; rather than a complete surgery.

Also, there are various tests and CT scans done, before the procedure. However, there is also a new robotic knee surgery; in which the NAVIO system is used to do a partial or a full knee replacement surgery.

4. Shoulder replacement surgery-

In this process; generally, a doctor does reverse shoulder replacement. In this process; a prosthetic ball and an artificial socket is constructed in the upper arm. However, this is done to reverse the location of the ball and socket, which helps to restore pain-free motion and function in the shoulders.

What to expect in a joint replacement surgery-

There are a lot of things; which should be beforehand prepared; by the doctors and the patients. Below is a detailed description to show you; what you should expect, before, after and during the surgical process.

1. Before the process-

Before the doctor starts the actual procedure; the patient is given anaesthesia. However, the doctors decide which anaesthesia must be given to the patient; which makes the patient unconscious below the belt. So, that he does not feel any pain before the procedure.

Also, the doctors give the patients some antibiotics before the procedure. This helps in keeping the post-surgical infections, in control. Sometimes the doctors also give the patients; nerve block around the knee to make it numb. Also, the numbness goes back to normal; as soon as the process is completed.

2. During the procedure-

The first thing the doctors do is to bend your knees to an angle; so that all the surfaces of the joint are visible. Then the doctor makes an incision into your kneecap; which is about 6 to 10 inches long. And then the doctors remove the damaged kneecap and cut down the damaged joint surfaces.

After the process, the artificial joint pieces are attached to the joint. Also, before the doctors close the incision; they check if the knee can bend and rotate well. And after all the testing is done, the incision is closed. Also, the whole process of the surgery takes around 2 hours to complete successfully.

3. After the surgery-

After the main process of the surgery completes; the patient is moved to the recovery room. Also, most of the patients can go back home on the same day. However, if your condition is not too good; you may stay in hospital for a night. The doctors will also ask you to move and rotate, your ankle; this will lessen the possibility of blood clots in patients. Also, you may be given some blood thinners; which will protect you from swelling and clotting.

To calm you down, the doctors may even ask you to do a few breathing exercises. Also a physical therapist their; tells you the new exercise to move your knees. But make sure once you leave the hospital, you continue to perform these exercises at home.

Take care of your condition, and do the best you can by following all the recovery procedures. Also, follow the right diet and all the instructions given by the doctors.

Cost of Joint replacement surgery-

However, the cost of the process is highly dependent from hospital to hospital; and city to city. Also, your medical insurance plays a major role here. To determine the exact cost of your Joint replacement surgery. But the Joint replacement surgery in India; generally costs around 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees in India.

Take Away-

If you also have been feeling difficulty; in moving and conducting your day to day activities. Due to the joint pain, you have been feeling; then you should immediately see a doctor. And find an appropriate solution to your problem. Also, if you have been searching and wanting to get your treatment; from one of the best hospitals and institutes for your knee problem. Then you should contact the doctors of Chanddni hospital. Also, you can book an online counselling session with them. If you need any other information about the doctor’s and the hospital; you can check it out on “Chanddni Hospital“.

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