Is Wax Paper Recyclable?

Is wax paper biodegradable?

With the moisture-resistance capacity, Wax paper is a widely used kitchen supply. Whether it’s home, restaurant, or official institution, Wax paper is essential everywhere.

But is wax paper recyclable? You must want a disposable item when you widely use it because you’re conscious of the environment.

Unfortunately, the wax paper isn’t recyclable. Nevertheless, the wax paper is recyclable and biodegradable when it’s made of soybean instead of paraffin wax.

Besides being used as a kitchen supply, wax paper is essential for several purposes. Let’s start with the details that you must learn to use your old wax paper besides you learn, “Is wax paper recyclable or compostable?”

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What Exactly Is Wax Paper?

Wax paper is a petroleum-based parchment paper widely used for various kitchen purposes. Due to moisture resistance and heat resistance, utilizing wax paper offers non-stick surfaces and food safety.

Nevertheless, not all wax paper is coated with food-safe paraffin. However, the majority of wax paper uses food-safe paraffin. 

Besides petroleum, some wax paper is made with soybean and environment-friendly wax paper.

Is Wax Paper Recyclable?

Is wax paper recyclable or not?

If you want a straight answer to your most desired question, learn first what is your wax paper made with.

Usually, your wax paper is either made of petroleum or soybean. The petroleum-coated wax paper isn’t environment-friendly like the soybean-based wax paper.

Shortly, if you want compostable and biodegradable wax paper, make sure it’s made of soybean.

Never use petroleum-based wax paper as compost for your garden; it won’t be safe for your garden. Maybe your plant loses its life due to wrong compost selection. 

Can Parchment Replace Wax Paper?

The parchment paper and wax paper can be a great substitute for each other, but not for everything.

When it comes to baking food, and you’ll need the wrapping paper, avoid the wax paper. Instead, choose parchment paper to wrap your food.

Although the wax papers can stand by the cooked items, they cannot withstand the extreme heat of the microwave. When the wax paper reaches its melting point, it melts down easily. Consequently, the paper mixes with the food that’s injurious to health.

Contrarily, the parchment paper can withstand extreme temperature due to its roughness and porousness.

Why Can’t Wax Paper Be Recyclable?

Due to wax coating, petroleum-based wax papers aren’t recyclable like tissue paper or toilet paper. The tissue paper or toilet paper doesn’t contain a hard coat like the wax paper. Consequently, they’re disposable and environment-friendly.

Contrarily, the wax paper doesn’t break down into fiber-like tissue papers that are important for recycling.

Although the wax papers aren’t recyclable, you can re-use them if they’re not super dirty. Just wipe the wax paper with damp clothes after and before each use.

What Should You Do with Old Wax Paper?

Try to use your old wax paper several times instead of dumping it into the trash. That’s because most of the wax paper isn’t easily compostable and biodegradable. You can use your non-compostable wax paper for the following purposes.

  • To Remove the fingerprint stain from the faucet.
  • To open and close the bottle, cork easily. Helpful to open the stuck zipper of your gown or jeans.
  • Iron your cloth easily by placing the wax paper on your cloth.
  • Start the fire outdoors while grilling or cooking.
  • To lubricate your garden tools and protect them from rust and corrosion.
  • Use the wax paper as art and craft paper for your kids.

Nevertheless, if you got the compostable wax paper made of soybean oil, use it as a good harvest for your garden.


What Is the Purpose of Wax Paper?

Wax paper is used in varieties of applications in your kitchen, like wrapping cold and hot items, etc. As the wax paper includes at least 420-degree heat-resistant capacity, it's also usable when baking food. Furthermore, the wax paper includes the wax parchment that prevents the food from sticking. The use of wax paper protects your tables and countertop from the spillage of food.

Is Wax Paper Compostable?

According to international standards, most of the wax paper is biodegradable but not compostable. The wax paper is compostable only when it’s derived from vegetable oil and doesn’t contain synthetic additives. Let us tell you that the wax papers are either made of petroleum or soybean oil for your kind consideration.

Is Wax Paper Considered Parchment Paper?

The wax paper and parchment paper are both used in kitchen applications. The parchment papers have limited use. Mainly, these papers are used for wrapping the dough and tortillas. Contrarily, wax papers are used almost everywhere in the kitchen, whether it's cooking or baking. That's because the parchment papers are rougher and have more phosphorus compared to the wax paper.


Wax papers are also recognized as glossy paper due to their glossy texture inside. Is glossy paper recyclable or not? Indeed you got the confirmation.

When you ask, is wax paper eco-friendly or not, let’s tell you, only the promising wax papers from reputable brands are recyclable.

Usually, the wax papers from promising brands contain soybean or vegetable oil that makes environmentally-friendly wax papers.

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