Is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Edible-Don’t Be Fooled with Flavor!

Based on the experts’ opinions, it is sure that the too faced chocolate bar palette is not edible at all. The prime reason behind this prohibition is that it is absolutely a makeup ingredient, which is made from  agents unsuitable for human consumption.

This highly appreciated agent is made from ingredients like mica, cocoa powder, zinc stearate, etc. All the substances used in this bar are suitable only for external uses. In case you eat or inject them anyhow, they would cause different gastrointestinal troubles like stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Though the consumption of this beautiful item wouldn’t kill you, you should restrict yourself only to its external application to stay safe and healthy.

Is The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Edible?

Is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Edible

You must be relieved to know that consumption of any makeup materials doesn’t cause serious harm to the human body. 

But they can easily cause mild troubles to your health. Is the too faced chocolate bar palette edible? 

Like all others, this beatification item is also not edible.

What Is The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Made From?

The too faced chocolate bar is an eye-shadow which is made up of a variety of ingredients. Here is a short description of some of the major ingredients used for producing this highly popular item.

Mica is one of most used ingredients for this bar with the view to adding radiant light to this handy item. This mineral is famous for enhancing the glow of the product. Talc is another mineral which is necessary for this makeup product to blend all other properties smoothly and accurately. This is mandatory because this talc gives the product perfect condition to be used on skin.

The too faced bar palette lasts for an unbelievable time. This longevity is the outcome of using zinc stearate. Another ingredient is cocoa powder, which works to maintain the incredible scent of the bar. Some more ingredients like ethylhexyl palmitate, different pigments, preservatives, etc. are used for various purposes.

None of these ingredients are suitable for internal application. That’s why you should never eat too faced bar palette.

How Is The Taste Of Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette?

How Is The Taste Of Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette?

Simply put, this make up material has no notable taste that would attract someone to eat it. Its fragrance is incredible which matches with that of chocolate but has no ability to make you bound to taste it every now and then, says Augusta Statz.

The reason behind its having no taste is that the manufacturers produce this item only as a makeup substance. They never consider it as a food item, and that’s why it has a wonderful look, amazing scent, and unbelievable performance, but no taste.

Too faced chocolate bar is only for external use. Whatever you do with this substance you must remember the health hazards it can invite.

Is Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Toxic or Can Cause You Death?

Absolutely, not. Neither is too faced bar palette toxic nor can it be a reason for your death. Its harm is limited to minor health hazards only.

The ingredients used for producing this make up agent are-

  • Mica
  • Talc
  • Cocoa powder
  • Zinc stearate
  • Ethylhexyl palmitate, etc.

Surely, these substances are safe for any internal use, let alone eat them. At the same time, they are not toxic either. That is, if you want, you can eat the bar. This won’t kill you. But as these materials have no food value at all and they can cause you different health troubles, you should use them carefully and stay away from eating them.

What Harms Does Chocolate Palette Bar Do to the Human Body?

As this product has gone through all the standard tests of safety, it doesn’t cause serious harm to human skin. But when eaten, the case is different. Then this beautiful and popular agent can cause a lot of trouble to your health.

The first effect can be seen in your stomach. Eating the bar results in causing digestion trouble. Other issues like feeling vomiting are also very common. When eaten much of it, food poisoning is also then the ultimate matter.

Who would like to face these issues by tasting an inedible item? So, never think of eating any make up agents, especially the too faced chocolate bar palette.

What Should You Do When You Eat Too Faced Chocolate Bar?

Depending on the severity of the reactions of your body, you have to make a decision whether you will stay calm at home or consult a doctor. But you have to make the decision before it becomes too late.

In case you eat a small amount of the bar and are still OK, you can consider yourself safe. But if you have swallowed much and are feeling nausea, you must visit a doctor. Even if you see no visible symptoms, you have to consult an expert because sometimes you wouldn’t find them immediately.

This is true that eating too faced chocolate bar won’t kill you anyhow. But this doesn’t give you the license to taste it whimsically.


Does the Chocolate Bar Palette taste like chocolate?

No, the Chocolate Bar Palette does not taste like chocolate. It is not intended to be ingested, and attempting to taste it can be harmful to your health.

Can I eat the too faced chocolate bar palette if it is made with cocoa powder?

No, even though cocoa powder is used in the formulation of the eyeshadows for their aroma, it does not make them safe to eat. The eyeshadows contain other cosmetic ingredients that are not suitable for ingestion.

Can pets eat the Chocolate Bar Palette?

No, pets should not eat the Chocolate Bar Palette or any makeup product. Makeup ingredients can be toxic to animals, and ingestion can lead to health issues for pets.

Final Thoughts

It might happen that you, your babies or pets would eat some amount of makeup items willingly or mistakenly. In this situation, you shouldn’t be worried because it will surely not result in severe health hazards or death. So, is the too faced chocolate bar palette edible?

No, not at all. This item is not edible. But if you eat it somehow, this wouldn’t cause you any severe harm at the same time. You might feel vomiting or the highest it can affect is in your digestion. In case you eat large amounts of it and feel uneasy, you must consult a doctor in no time.

The too faced chocolate bar palette is an extremely popular makeup tool. There is no chance to consider it an edible thing.

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