Is Petroleum Jelly Edible? Truth Contradiction to Keep Your Belly Dry!

Do you remember a season when you didn’t use petroleum jelly? Truly, it must be rare for anybody who passes a winter without taking and applying this oil. 

This jelly heals the dry face, skin, and heels to vanish the cracks. Some people believe that this oil can recover from many illnesses. So, they eat petroleum jelly as a medicine!

Is petroleum jelly edible? Truly speaking, this problem has no straightforward answer. In many countries, people eat jelly directly, and they get a tremendous outcome, too. In fact, it has been practiced traditionally. 

At the same time, you may find countless manufacturers who claim that their jelly is edible. They even have the certification of the FDA, which declares it a safe and harmless food item.

On the contrary, some find it odd to eat it and face several awkward situations when ingesting it.

Do you feel confused? Go through this writing sincerely to get the decision right!

Is Petroleum Jelly Edible?

Is Petroleum Jelly Edible Or Not

You must be in a dilemma when you want to decide whether petroleum jelly is edible. So, you must have the experts’ guidelines in this regard. This is where the present study did extensive research to remove all your confusion.

So, have a look at the findings and suggestions given below to make your conclusion accurate!

What Is Petroleum Jelly Made Of?

The recipe of petroleum jelly hasn’t changed at all, even after 150 years since its first production. The ingredients of this semi-solid oil are petroleum, wax, and oil, of course.

All these items together work tremendously well on skins, lips, and anywhere in the body. Besides, this was, in fact, the reason why this product came into being – treating wounds and burns rapidly.

What Benefits Do Petroleum Jelly Provide You?

The areas where petroleum jelly works can surely make a long list. From turning your dry skin into a vivid look or healing the wounds or sores rapidly, the jelly works everywhere.

This is mostly used as a moisturizer. During the cold weather, our lips, face, and nose become terribly dry. This not only makes us look ugly but also hurts us. 

But in case you use this oil regularly, you must get rid of this dryness in no time! 

Moreover, it also improves the cracked heels when you apply some of them after washing them properly.

Petroleum jelly cures burnt and cut parts in your body. Simply clean the sore and apply some amount of the jelly. This must work as an ointment to dry and recover the injury soon. But when the injury is severe, you must consult a doctor to ensure better treatment.

Some people even eat this semi-solid oil regularly to recover from internal diseases, too. This is just because of their belief, which has no concrete proof!

What Happens When You Ingest Petroleum Jelly?

If you are still confused, you should know that eating petroleum jelly will never kill you. The worst it does is affect your digestion, which might eventually lead to diarrhea.

Normally, when eaten much, you may frequently cough when you are ingesting it downwards. Besides, you might also be choking because of the thick density.

These are the worst that could happen when you eat some petroleum jelly. If you haven’t tried it ever, you can eat a bit of this jelly at least to examine its effects yourself.

Can You Use Petroleum Jelly Internally?

Though you have the freedom to make your own decision whether you will eat the jelly or not, you cannot use it for any internal purpose. Of course, this oil works magically to moisturize your skin or dry burns or wounds.

But when you use it internally, you might be putting yourself into trouble. Many people consider it to heal diseases inside the body, but they have no medical proof. No manufacturer also claims to have such credibility.

In case you feel any trouble inside and have people suggesting around you to use petroleum jelly, consult an expert before it is too late!

Why Do Boxers Use Petroleum Jelly?

Sports like boxing, kickboxing, and martial arts need petroleum jelly to get some technical advantages in the match. The cutman, the person who treats the physical damage of a fighter, always keeps it with him to save his man from the heavy hits of the opponent.

When you dab petroleum jelly on the face, it works unbelievably to prevent some shots. As the jelly is slippery, the punches by your rival cannot be hit with full force. In most cases, the shots rather get slipped off.

Does Petroleum Jelly Really Expire?

You know petroleum jelly is made of oil, wax, and petroleum. These ingredients together give this product a lifespan of 10 to 12 years! You can even use the same jar for years.

So, the expiration date of mostly 3 years you see on the jars is, in fact, for the formality. In case you use and store it properly, you can reuse it for an unlimited period!

Final Thought

Petroleum jelly is an extremely common domestic item that moisturizes dry skins, treats burns, cuts, rash, scars, etc. But you must know how and how much you can use it. This study tried to reveal the secrets of this essential household product. 

Is petroleum jelly edible? Because of the ingredients it is made of, petroleum jelly doesn’t pose any serious threat to your health. Many people also eat it to get rid of many health troubles. 

Again, some are against eating this chemical, too. So, it’s your choice if you will eat this oil or not.

In case you don’t want to eat it, don’t eat it. But you can dab a bit of petroleum jelly on burnt or sore skins and cut fingers to dry the wound rapidly. 

More importantly, once you get a jar of this cosmetics item, you can reuse it year after year by using and storing the jar correctly.

What do you think now; will you taste the petroleum jelly once?

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