Is Orthodontic Wax Edible? Amazing Facts You Need to Know to Eat!

There can be some discomfort for someone newly fitted with braces. The brackets of the braces can rub against your inner cheeks, tongue and lips. This can cause blisters and sore spots. This is where orthodontic wax comes to save the day. 

It forms the barrier between your soft inner skin of the mouth and the irritating metal brackets. It covers the clasps so they cannot bruise your gums or cheeks when you are eating or speaking. 

So, is orthodontic wax edible? Yes, they are Orthodontic wax, more commonly known as relief wax or dental wax, is usually made of natural substances

Its main components are often paraffin wax, beeswax or carnauba wax. These substances are completely safe for the body. 

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Is Orthodontic Wax Edible?

Orthodontic wax or dental wax is made of harmless and non-toxic substances. It is friendly and harmless to the human body. It is made of paraffin wax or beeswax, which is completely safe for your stomach. 

Is Orthodontic Wax Edible or not

Although dental wax is edible, you might feel uncomfortable chewing food with dental wax on your teeth. The wax might get stuck to your food, diminishing its taste. So, if you don’t want foodstuff stuck to your teeth, you should remove the wax before you chew hard food. 

They are neither toxic nor harmless. Dental wax or orthodontic wax is made of elements that are non-toxic and harmless. After all, it would not be wise to put toxic substances in your mouth. So you need not worry about swallowing dental wax as it will not harm your body if ingested. 

How do I put Orthodontic wax on?

Your orthodontist or a dental retailer will give you a tiny box of braces wax. You must cut a chunk off one end of a stick because it is available in stick form. 

Before you do anything else, make sure you properly wash your hands with soap to remove bacteria and viruses. Brush your teeth and clear any food residue from the afflicted area. 

However, before applying the wax to your braces, make sure your hands and mouth are dry. Then, in your hand, form a mould. Make a little popcorn kernel with it by rolling it in your palms. It’s simple to perform because the wax softens as your hands warm it. 

As a result, you can easily apply wax to the afflicted braces. After you’ve applied it, you can smooth it out. It doesn’t change form significantly in your mouth for hours to provide you with protection. You can’t use one wax for the entire day since it will fall off.

What are the types of dental wax?

Dental wax comes in mainly two types. Natural and synthetic. Below is a short explanation of the types.

Natural wax 

It is also called paraffin wax. Usually obtained from processing and distilling petroleum. There is a type of wax obtained from petroleum called microcrystalline wax. It has high melting points. It is stronger and more flexible than the normal paraffin version. Beeswax is obtained from bees, and sometimes it is used to modify paraffin wax. It is rather viscous in texture.

Synthetic wax

Synthetic wax or resins are rarely used in dentistry. They have numerous chemical compositions. For example, hydrogenated wax, polyethylene wax, and polyoxyethylene glycol wax are all synthetic wax. 

Replacing Dental Wax

Your dental wax should be replaced once every two days. The rain for this is that foodstuff can easily get stuck on them. If they aren’t replaced within two days or less, you run the risk of dental cavities. So, to ensure the best oral health, don’t reuse a single piece of wax for more than 48 hours.

What happens if you swallow wax?

Generally, wax is not poisonous. If a toddler eats a little bit of crayon, it will pass through its digestive system without causing any harm. But, if the toddler eats a large amount of wax, it might be a cause for alarm.

Wax is a greasy and oily substance that melts in heat. It is made of hydrocarbons, non-toxic and natural substances that don’t harm your body. But your buddy cannot digest and break them down either. So if a huge amount of it gets inside your digestive tract, it will block your intestines, causing severe abdominal pain. So it is recommended not to eat more than a small amount of wax. 

The wax in children’s toys or crayons is usually mixed with chemicals that make it bitter. So if a curious child nibbles on a bit of it, the taste will teach him not to try that again. Therefore, you need not get anxious if you or your little three-year-old swallows a bit of wax. It’s harmless. 

Can you Sleep with Orthodontic Wax?

Yes, you can sleep with orthodontic wax. There are no dangerous or toxic chemicals added to orthodontic wax. As a result, you can sleep with it in your mouth

Keep in mind that the orthodontic wax is only a temporary fix. If you have a chipped tooth or a damaged denture that is causing you pain, you should see your orthodontist right once. While you wait for your dentist’s appointment, you can use the orthodontic wax.

Those who have had braces or detachable aligners will be familiar with dental wax. If you are considering braces, however, becoming familiar with orthodontic wax will assist you in making your orthodontic treatment more comfortable, as orthodontic wax will be a part of your orthodontic treatment journey.

Can I use candle wax for braces?

If you agree in a tight spot and can’t find any orthodontic wax for your braces, you can use candle wax as a replacement. However, you should be advised that it is only a short-term replacement

The composition of candle wax is not the same as orthodontic wax. Though candle wax is not toxic, it is not as safe and edible as the specialized orthodontic version. Apply it only as a last resort and for a very short period. 

Final Thoughts

Orthodontic wax is a soft, non-toxic material that is used to protect the teeth and gums of people who are wearing braces. It is a godsend for orthodontic patients because it protects the gums, cheeks, and lips from harm when a broken orthodontic wire or a loose bracket impinges on the oral tissues. 

So, is orthodontic wax edible? You have learned the answer here. So, if you ever swallow or ingest a piece of the orthodontic wax by accident, don’t worry. Orthodontic wax is safe for your intestines. It is created with substances that are non-toxic and safe for your tummy. So it will pass through your body without causing any harm.

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