Is it Wise to Switch to Natural Sugar Substitutes Instead of Refined Sugar!

Today, people are finding different ways to include natural sugar substitutes in their diet and eliminate white sugar. Not only are all-natural ingredients healthy, but they also can be used in everything, guilt-free. 

One of the emerging alternatives to table sugar is all-natural coconut blossom sugar. Made from the sap of the flower buds, which originates from the coconut palm, the organic coconut sugar taste is similar to brown sugar. 

Extraction of Coconut Sugar:

A simple and fine cut is made from the coconut palm flower sap so that the sugary slap easily leaks out and can be collected. 

The sap is heated again at a temperature of 48°C  to 121°C to let the water escape and allows it to crystallize so that you get coconut sugar. 

Difference between coconut sugar and white sugar:

Look and Texture:

Organic Coconut sugar is intensely dark because it is unrefined, unlike white sugar. 

Coconut sugar has an uneven structure, similar to sand, unlike white sugar that even crystals approximately the same size.

Taste and enhancers:

Coconut sugar tastes similar to brown sugar since it has not been refined, unlike white sugar.

The subtle taste in coconut sugar has a slight hint of caramel, while white sugar is more neutral and enhances the taste of any ingredient combined with it. 

Health and Minerals:

Organic coconut sugar has minerals such as calcium, zinc, potassium and iron, because it hasn’t been refined, while white sugar has only calories without any nutritional value.

Despite the nutritional content, it cannot be considered more healthy than white sugar. The negligible difference in the calorie content in both white sugar and coconut sugar per hundred grams might not make much difference, but it’s better in the long run. 

Use of Coconut Sugar in Baking Industry:

Sugar is essential in baking since it is responsible for making cakes and cookies and cakes very  moist and tender.

In most baking recipes, and fillings and frostings, you can switch to coconut sugar instead of refined white sugar.

Our Verdict-

Organic Coconut Sugar is a great plant-based natural sugar that can keep your blood sugar and energy levels moderately high. It also contains a small amount of insulin that lowers the chances of a blood sugar spike. 

The rich golden color comes with the caramelized flavor; coconut sugar is an ideal substitute for brown sugar. We recommend you visit the Tea depot site and buy bulk organic coconut sugar for a vegan-friendly healthier lifestyle!

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