Is He Colorblind? Or Is the Game Starting

He thinks you are beautiful and loves your nail polish. If he says your red polish looks great and you just spent an hour applying the peach polish, it’s not that he wants to get back into the game. It could be that he can’t distinguish between the two.

Not all color blindness is serious. There are shades of gray, so to speak. I know a man who is okay with traffic lights, but he cannot see light pink. He sees light pink as white, but he can see bubblegum pink, which has more blue. Another man I know cannot distinguish between blue and green. And when we delve into teals, sea foams, cornflower blues, and aquas, there is no hope for an intelligent conversation.

Men are more prone to color blindness than women. About one in 10 to 12 men has some degree of visual color distortion. (One in 200 women has this problem). Scientists say that it is primarily genetically acquired, but that it can sometimes be the result of injury, disease, or even age. Very rarely, hardly ever, in fact, you will see the world in a complete absence of color.

The most common visual impairments are the most subtle  red green color blind test. Yes, it is similar to a Mars and Venus thing. While women will see a big difference in lipstick between classic red and firefighter red, a man with mild color blindness may be totally upset by his inability to decide which one to wear that night.

What is color blindness?

So that women can better understand their men, this is how most color blindness works: We see colors through certain nerve endings in our eyes called cones. (The other major type of nerve ending in the eyes is rods. Rods detect light and dark).

Cones are the best detectors for red, green, and blue. By mixing these 3 colors, the cones can send images to your brain of any color in the world. But if the pigment sensitivity of one or more of these cones is off, the person will experience misperceptions of color.

All you need is patience

Ladies, bear with your men. It may have nothing to do with your disinterest in your new eyeshadow shade or your brow change

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