Is Grass Edible For Humans? Need to Know To Use as a Meal!

The grass is one of the most abundant plants on planet earth. It is unlikely not to have any type of grass around you. So, if you run out of food, the first thing you will try to compensate with is these grasses.

But is grass edible for humans? Yes, it is edible but does not take it as a substitute for a meal! Remember, this is no fun snack, and you may come into some toxic types by accident.

Now, questions such as “how should you consume them?” and “can I have Grass blades in my Salad?” will automatically come to your mind. No matter how you see it, grass, not being a popular food ingredient, is suspicious, depending on its abundance and fresh look. 

Let’s learn about different properties and types of grasses. Let’s dive into the topic and quench your thirst without any further delay.

Is Grass Edible For Humans?

Yes, most grasses are considered edible for human beings, but it’s not a fun snack to eat. Though you might find a few toxic types, others don’t pose any threat to your life. 

Due to the molecular structure of grass, it is not easily digestible by humans. As a result, if you continue consuming grass, you might get an upset stomach. The silica in the grass will also damage your teeth.

If you eat grass once or twice, it will not be harmful to your body. But if you want to eat grass as your meal, you will need to consume a large amount of grass, and it will cause digestive problems.

What Are The Nutrient Components Of Grass? 

What Are The Nutrient Components Of Grass

A few grass types are edible and can be considered good for health. 

Most grasses do not contain many nutritional components. Grasses are usually rich with cellulose, and the molecules of cellulose are challenging to digest for humans. 

Also, the silica in glass blades can damage your teeth. 

You can eat grasses such as bent, wheat, timothy grass or bluegrass. Some of these grasses are rich in magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and other minerals. They will help you grow. But in most cases, the seeds are the edible part of these grasses, not the grass blades.

Can You Use Grass Blades In Your Salad? 

Many people eat raw leaves like lettuce or mint in their salad. 

Grass blades are not a preferable option. The dry texture of the glass blades does not go well with the salad. So it is not a pleasant experience to chew that dry and crunchy leaves.

People tend to eat salad to have a portion of fresh and light food. But the grainy and dirt-like taste will make you want to suppress the taste with other foods. Also, including grass blades in your salad will decrease its taste drastically.

Can Grass Be Toxic For Children? 

Can Grass Be Toxic For Children

Yes, the grass is toxic for children. Among the thousands of grasses, some grass varieties can be toxic for humans, especially children. However, in general, the grass is not toxic for humans.

Our stomach is not capable of digesting raw grass from the land. Eating raw grass can be unhealthy and difficult to digest. Also, it does not add any nutritious value to your diet. As a result, it will only give your child an upset stomach.

Consuming a large amount of grass can cause diarrhea and other digestive problems. So it is better if you keep your kids in check and don’t let them chew on whatever they see.

Can I Feed Grass To My Pets?

Can I Feed Grass To My Pets

If your pet is a cow or a goat, you can feed grass to your pets. Though cows and other animals eat grass as their staple food, the grass is not suitable for other pets like a cat or a dog. 

It all depends on the digestive system of your pet. Cows can digest cellulose in the grass blade, but your dog or cat might not like that. The usual grass is not delighting as a snack to them. That’s why when they feel nauseous, they eat grass so that it can intrigue their urge to vomit and get rid of the unpleasant substance in their stomach.

However, a little bit of grass will not make your pet sick. If you have a pet rabbit and your rabbit likes to chew grass, you do not need to worry. It will not harm their stomach. You can give them some hay as a treat. 

Is Grass Harmful To Our Teeth? 

Yes, eating grass can be pretty harmful to human teeth. The grass is rich in silica, and this silica can wear down the protective enamel layer of your teeth. So, do not eat grass.

Though chewing the grass once or twice will not damage your teeth, if you continuously keep eating grass, the silica in the grass blade will deteriorate the enamel layer. As a result, you will experience pain or discomfort in your teeth. Your teeth will become more sensitive to heat and cold as well. At first, you might not notice, but it will be inevitable with time.

What To Do If You Consume Grass?

If you somehow consume any toxic type of grass, it can be troublesome. You need to consult a doctor as early as possible and take medicine to prevent the toxicity spread to your body.

Most of the grasses are not toxic. It will not harm your body if you consume a little amount of it. However, eating the stem or blades of grass will be troublesome. If you continue eating them, you might get indigestion, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal problems.

Can I Cook Grass To Make It Tastier?

No, you can not cook grass to make it tastier. Though grass is considered an edible plant for humans, it is not something you should eat. 

Cooking the grass blades does not make them digestible. The cellulose in the grass makes it difficult to digest, and cooking does not help break them. So, it is not a viable option to make your food yummier.

The seeds are the most edible and beneficial part of the grass. You can eat some of these seeds raw like nuts. You can also consume them after cooking them properly. If you are confused about whether you should eat the raw seeds, it is better to boil them and eat them.

Final Thoughts

Everything that goes in your stomach plays a significant role in building your health. So, it is natural to be wary of its effect and ask questions like is grass edible for humans or not. Before putting grass in your diet chart, you must know about its origin, types, and if they are safe to eat or not.

So, is grass edible for humans? Actually you should try to avoid eating them as much as possible. Knowing the types of grass and their uses can open multiple opportunities. We expect that this information helps you to make wiser judgments and lessen your worries.

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