Is Catmint Edible For Humans? Make the Best Use of This Miraculous Plant!

Catmint is not only edible for humans but also greatly useful in many other aspects. This plant has no notable effect on human health. As this herbal tree is available easily, you can try them to experience a new taste.

Besides being taken as a regular item, catmint is also preferred by people as a remedy for different diseases. People use this herb for treating digestive symptoms, flu, menstrual cramps, reducing stress, etc. Moreover, you can also use the leaves of this plant as tea, which has been incredibly popular among people for centuries.

In fact, the varied uses of catmint plants can never be exaggerated. For example, these leaves work unbelievably to drive away insects like flies, mosquitos and others. Moreover, you can give an aesthetic look to your garden and other places by placing the colorful leaves and flowers of catmint.

Is Catmint Toxic?

Is Catmint Toxic

Though the aftereffect of eating this herb may vary from person to person, catmint is not poisonous to humans, says Robbin Small. It has been taken directly or mixed with other things for years around the world, but no incidents have happened that show that it has any toxic elements.

Catmint is mostly used as tea. Besides, many people believe that it has the natural power to cure several diseases. Again, some people love to eat the leaves as culinary dishes.

But depending on your individual health characteristics, catmint might behave differently. In case you have sensitivities, you should avoid eating it in large amounts.

What Happens When You Eat Too Much Catmint?

Don’t get panicked after eating too much catmint because it wouldn’t kill you or take you to the hospital. The result of eating too much of it is mostly limited to your digestive issues, opines Grace Park.

Some mild problems like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pain in the stomach, etc. are also seen frequently. In some very rare cases, this herb causes allergic reactions. This happens when you eat them with too much oil or add other supplements.

So, when you eat too much catmint and feel uneasy, you shouldn’t be late to consult a doctor to prevent things from getting serious.

Can Your Pets Eat Catmint?

Can Your Pets Eat Catmint?

Just like you, your pet can eat catmint and it is purely safe for pets like cats, dogs and others. But you have to keep the pet under observation if it shows any adverse reactions because different pets may have different experiences with catmint.

For example, cats are always OK with this herb. You can use catmint for cats in many ways. They enjoy eating it and hardly show any unwanted symptoms. Same goes for dogs when you give them the leaves measurably. But if these pets consume beyond considerable amounts, like you and others, they might also face the same consequences.

Surely, you would never like to see your beloved pet facing severe conditions just because of your carelessness. So, never let your pet eat too much catmint and ensure its safety all the time.

What Other Things Can You Do With Catmint?

You don’t want to consider catmint a good food item, no issue. You will be excited to know that you can still use catmint for a number of purposes.

Catmint plant is one of the most popular items to decorate your gardens and other places. Its wonderful foliage, colorful flowers with other plants add an incredible look to your garden.

Catmint can be a desired drink for you to start a new day energetically. Mix some steep crushed catmint leaves with hot water, then filter and enjoy it. You must feel refreshed and start your day with catmint tea!

In case you are fed up with insects like mosquitoes, flies, etc. and finding no remedy to get out of them. Catmint can help you here, too. Catmint contains nepetalactone, which works tremendously to drive away any insects from your place.

Truly, you can’t ignore catmint plants and go for them because of the diverse benefits they can give you. Just look at the incredible things some catmint leaves can give you. So, which application of catmint plants would you try first?


Which Part of Catmint Plant Is Edible?

Among all the parts of catmint plants, its leaves are edible. People normally don’t eat other parts like the stem, flowers, etc. Instead, they are frequently used to decorate gardens or other places.

What Does Catmint Taste Like to Eat?

Catmint has a similar kind of flavor like peppermint or spearmint. This makes the plants popular and effective for using them for different purposes.

Can I Eat Catmint Leaves Directly From the Plants?

In case you ensure that there is no dirt, germs or any unwanted things on the leaves, you can of course eat them without cooking, processing or mixing the leaves with anything. However, washing the leaves is a must.

Can I Dry And Store Catmint to Eat Later?

Of course, you can. Then you have to maintain some things. For instance, while storing the powder of the leaves, you must ensure that the container is completely airtight.

Again, while storing the leaves with the stem, tie the bunch well and hang them in a clean well-lighted place.

Final Thoughts

You must have got your desired response already. Is catmint edible for humans? In fact, you should eat catmint leaves at times. You can consider this plant both a food and a remedy.

Two to three leaves of this plant mixed with hot water can give an unprecedented taste and experience to refresh your body and mind. They can also remove any kind of pain in the stomach, relieve you from mental stress or anxiety. That’s why many people consider catmint a remedy.

But you must not eat the leaves whimsically. Never eat them without washing properly. Make sure that they are free from germs or bacteria, and maintain the particular rules to use them for different purposes.

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