Instagram account promotion manager: features, benefits, and responsibilities

Who is an Instagram account promotion manager and how to become one?

The social network “Instagram” has made it possible for many people to realize themselves not only as bloggers but also as specialists in the field of marketing and advertising. One of the most popular and in-demand professions is account promotion manager. It is very interesting, varied and provides a high income.

A good manager must have a wealth of knowledge and skills. At first glance, this field of activity may seem difficult and unattainable. But in fact, everyone can master it.

Profession “Account Promotion Manager on Instagram”: Features and Benefits of Work

Managers help Instagram users promote personal and business pages. They attract an audience, make accounts more recognizable, increase subscriber activity and contribute to the formation of a positive image.

A manager is necessary for everyone who wants to make money on Instagram:

  • bloggers;
  • online shopping;
  • various enterprises;
  • narrow-profile specialists.

This profession has features and advantages, including:

  • the ability to work remotely;
  • communication with interesting people;
  • building useful relationships;
  • continuous development due to a variety of tasks;
  • the ability to choose who to work with;
  • high-profit payment.

A good specialist with extensive work experience earns an average of $ 1000 per month. At the entry level, a manager can expect a salary of $ 300 or more.

It should be understood that earnings depend not only on the professionalism of the specialist but also on the number of projects.

To start promoting Insta pages, you need to know the basic principles of marketing, be able to customize advertising, engage the target audience and keep their interest. You also need to closely follow current trends, learn new tools and technologies, and constantly develop and improve your skills.

Everyone who wants to become a promotion manager should understand that this activity is not easy. It takes a lot of effort and time.

Even though specialists mostly work remotely, they have irregular schedules. To achieve a good result, you have to work on average 12 hours a day. This is especially true for beginners.

Tasks and responsibilities of an Instagram promotion specialist

An Instagram account promotion specialist is a versatile soldier who must have skills and knowledge in several areas at once. Its main tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Development of promotion strategies, taking into account the needs of the customer and the characteristics of his activities.
  • Analysis of competitors’ work, identification of their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Competent compilation of a tree of hashtags and search queries.
  • Media planning and creation of an effective advertising company.
  • Search for potential customers and the ability to interest them.
  • Drawing up a content plan and a schedule of publications for a specific period.
  • Maintaining customer interest and a positive attitude towards a company or individual.


Required skills for a promotion manager are:

  • knowledge of the nuances of working with social networks, in particular, their limitations and capabilities;
  • competent speech – both written and oral;
  • understanding of the principles of promotion in social networks and the work of search engines;
  • experience in interacting with analytical services;
  • ability to work with photo stocks and graphic editors;
  • knowledge of the principles of SEO and the functioning of the CMS;
  • experience of interacting with targeted advertising.

A big plus for a specialist is knowledge of foreign languages, especially English. This will provide an opportunity to study foreign trends and apply them in work.

In addition, such a manager will be able to find a foreign customer. Thus, he will be able not only to earn more but also to increase his professional rating.

As for personal qualities, an Instagram account promotion manager must be sociable, creative, curious, and analytical. The undoubted advantages will be discipline, independence, stress resistance, and organization.

Where can I find an employer?

The main fear of novice managers is the lack of customers. They believe that there is little chance of finding orders if there is no work experience or it is not great enough.

But this is a delusion. Some companies and insta account owners are deliberately looking for beginners. Because of those:

  • take less pay;
  • ready to work with small projects;
  • open to learning;
  • filled with enthusiasm and fresh ideas;
  • they approach work with greater responsibility and scrupulousness.

Before you start looking for an employer, you need to write a resume. You can do this yourself using a text editor in Word or using ready-made templates. Online constructors are very popular today.


When the resume is drawn up, you can proceed to the active search for customers. To do this, use any available methods:

  • online exchanges for freelancers;
  • message boards, where you need to not only look for clients but also post your resume;
  • business forums;
  • communities of freelancers in social networks;
  • direct contact with the company.

Declare yourself on your pages in social networks and start actively promoting. Also, tell your friends and acquaintances about your skills. They may want to become your clients. Do not be afraid to personally contact the owners of Instagram accounts with an offer of your services. The main thing is activity, perseverance, and self-confidence.

How to Write an Expert Resume: Modern Templates?

Creating an expert or professional resume is not only about adhering to a certain structure, but also the correct presentation of yourself. With the help of such a document, you can favorably stand out among other specialists.

In the resume for the vacancy of the manager for promoting Instagram accounts, you must specify the following information:

  1. Personal data. Full name and communication methods: phone number, e-mail address and, a link to an account on Instagram and, if desired, to other social networks.
  2. Indicate what position you are applying for and how you can be useful to a company or individual.
  3. Work experience. In this section, you need to list the places, position, and duration of work: with reverse chronology. Don’t be scared if you have no experience in management or marketing, the main thing is, to be honest.
  4. It is recommended to divide this section into 2 parts. The first should indicate the basic education, that is, specialty, faculty, years of beginning and end of education. In the second part, list the courses and training you attended.
  5. Additional Information. A small paragraph about the presence of other useful skills, language knowledge, PC user level, hobbies, personal qualities.

When writing a resume, it is advisable to highlight the main aspects with color so that it looks more interesting and dynamic. You should also place your photo in the first block. Visual perception is very important, and besides, it will allow the customer to get to know you in absentia.

To simplify your task, it is recommended to use the online builder. On such resources, templates have an attractive design and a place for a photo.

Resume blocks are highlighted in color, which improves the perception of information. An important aspect of using an online service is that there is no need to personally write a resume for each potential customer: you can simply send a link to the file.

How to get an interview and get your dream job?

Extensive work experience and a well-written resume are not the keys to a successful interview. To get your dream job, you need to carefully prepare for meeting with a potential employer and know how to behave correctly.

The following recommendations will help with this:

  • Gather information about the company or blogger you want to partner with.
  • Take care of an attractive appearance. It is not necessary to wear a suit, the main thing is neatness and restraint.
  • Don’t be late. And do not be indignant if the customer is delayed.
  • Be nice and smiling. Don’t show nervousness or embarrassment.
  • Confidently answer questions, even if they seem strange and inappropriate.
  • When talking about yourself, focus on the positive qualities and skills associated with management and marketing.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – this will show your interest in the job and your knowledge of the profession.
  • Don’t flatter potential leaders and shower them with compliments.
  • Do not interrupt the interlocutor – you will have the opportunity to speak.

Before the interview, you need to turn off the phone so that it does not interfere with the conversation. Be honest and don’t try to gloss over your skills.

If you show yourself as a serious, determined, and open person, the job will be yours!


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