Improve Your Home to Support Aging In Place

There are many definitions of aging in place. However, it is generally referred to as the older adults who remain in their homes and societies as they age. They do not relocate or move into any institutional setting.

The term ‘Aging in Place’ is concerned with the comfort and safety of people living in the space. It does not always mean that the owner has to be senior. It can be any home adapted for friends.

Most families have aging parents that sometimes visit or come to live in the space. The aging Place versions make the home very comfortable and livable. It helps to create a space that makes living easier, for the people living in the home and also for those coming to that space.

Here in this article, I’ve prepared a list of Aging in Place ideas. These ideas will help you make your home more comfortable for the older. So, let’s start…

Light Stairs Properly

Mostly, senior members of the family will not have to grab many stairs. However, if there is not any way to avoid it, then ensure their walks are safe. Provide satisfactory lighting almost on all staircases. Also, you can place a lighted handrail. It is also ideal to install lightings under every stair.

Bathroom Modification

Design your bathroom for ease of older. A barrier free bathroom helps ensure ease of access and safety and prevent falls. Ensure the walls can provide accommodations for handlebars, and that the shower, sink, and toilet are available to people of all ages.

Remember that a door opening of 32 inches permits better access. Possibly, you may like to do a greater renovation as well as install a new step-in bath.

The bathroom must be in a better size to accommodate a walker at the least – to ensure the elder can move safely around the bathroom area if needed.

Doorways should have the option to ease things like wheelchairs, walkers, and sticks. They should be widened to no less than 36 inches; it is the normal size of a wheelchair.

The doorway floor space should be clear for no less than four feet on one or the other side for mobility.

These should likewise have handles that make for simple passage and exit. It will allow them to grip onto the handle without applying pressure and turn it.


Kitchens have separate aging-in-place issues. Consider adding clocks that are wired all through the house for when the stove is on. Let the oven just be on for a specifically allocated time before the clock buzzes.

It will guarantee that the stove does not get left on. If your parent is struggling to get around the kitchen region and giving dinners enlist somebody to come in and cook and freeze meals that can be easily stored in the cooler and warmed in a microwave.

Another choice is administrations, for example, dinners on wheels which deal with warm meals delivered to the seniors who need them.

To conclude, aging in place does great work for few families. However, it takes careful teamwork and planning.

Be careful about your seniors when applying aging-in-place ideas. Always think about their safety.

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