The Impact of Online Quizzes on Student Engagement

Are positive learning outcomes essential to provide a better education nowadays?

For sure! That’s why I am here to help you learn about new tools which are becoming more popular, especially in online learning day by day.

Of course, there are so many ways to increase your student engagement, but today I am going to speak about the effectiveness of quizzes as, without them, your classes could be pretty dull.


It turns out that quizzes motivate students to read and complete assignments till the end, which has a positive impact, especially during exam sessions. Just because sometimes reading from textbooks fails to capture our interest, this is just the best idea to make us remember the whole material we need.


These days, when there are a lot of tools and online quiz makers that help to make the process even easier and more fun, relatively more creators rely on online tests. The power of test automation helps them a lot.


Now let’s go deeper and identify more details of the advantages quizzes offer.


#1 Active engagement in the course material


Reading material and then taking a quiz, on the other hand, is far more effective as they will force you to go back and read certain parts of the chapters. Forcing your brain to collect info guarantees that it is ‘embedded’ for future use. For sure, quizzes do assist us in remembering knowledge and paying more attention to our learning material.


#2 Increase in learning and comprehension versus learning by heart


This is the best way humans thought to learn, not just memorizing it. During your reading you are taking some notes, discussing more important questions to find the correct answers and to get the idea. By the way, after completing the quiz a few times, the material becomes quite clear to you.


#3 Best way to prepare for your exams


Of course, when you are getting ready for your exam from the 1st day of your study, it’s becoming easier to get higher marks. They help you check the information and test what you have learned, so you also know what the tests would look for at the end of the year!


#4 Absorb attention to details

Sometimes reading a whole article with hundreds of pages, you just do not care about minor details. So taking tests and quizzes will help you concentrate on some critical information you would never notice.


#5 Quizzes Help Revision

To show clearly what I mean, just imagine you have a chemistry exam tomorrow and want to review the whole material you pass throughout the year. Probably the first thing you may do is to take a textbook and try to recall everything. Is it possible? Of course, it’s less possible to repeat through books than quizzes. You might take quizzes and make your life easier- repeating the things you’ve learned. These will help you revise the main ideas and be far more likely to help you recall than simply reading. Remember that tests help us focus and keep our brains from wandering; thus, they may aid in revision.

But wait a minute! Don’t you have a question about the disadvantages of quizzes?


Are quizzes stressful? What do you think?

In this case, 11-12 years of experience at school could scare you. Am I right? School examinations may be a stressful experience for kids, too, of course. As we always did, they also will worry about their test results and, for sure, how their results will compare to those of their peers, or what the teacher will think of them. I can not get the idea of this! How could tests decide who is more clever? But, e-learning is pushing the world in another direction. Now it is possible to take quizzes at home, which is less stressful and allows us to put our skills to the test. This is especially beneficial for timid or introverted teens who are afraid of getting incorrect answers and embarrassing themselves in class. Quizzes are now the best method to learn, aren’t they?


Learning about the benefits of quizzes in online classes, you should also learn a significant thing!


How to make online quizzes better?


1st tip.

Set the total number of questions from 10 to 20; it could be tiresome to answer more questions. Forget about setting time limits and putting your student in a box! The study reveals that exams really put so much pressure on the brain, essentially blocking the brain’s working memory. Imagine what could do time limits with them. Research indicates that for the most talented pupils, stress blocks the working memory and decreases performance.


2nd tip.

Show the correct answers after the quiz ends and give your students a chance to repeat how much they want. This can really help to master it well.


3rd tip

This may sound a little bit strange, but many instructors use this technique. I recommend that students take the tests even before they have done the reading material. They may see what they have done poorly after taking the quiz that first time. After taking the quiz, they are more likely to see the proper answers when they complete the reading. And these concepts are considerably more likely to be remembered, according to current studies.


4th tip

Comment and show the right direction! Use your opportunity to comment on responses, even linking to other resources.


To sum up

New world, new opportunities!

This kind of survey allows instructors to have a lot more time to do students’ favorite activities during class time- organizing debates, different role-games, small-scale group activities, etc. This is because they are quite sure that students typically read the study material before the class and perform well to pass their quizzes. Due to its convenience, capacity, training examinations in advance, and improving their grading, quizzes are incredibly favorable for all students taking online courses.

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