How to wash a wonderfold stroller wagon?

Stroller wagons, specifically a Wonderfold wagon can get pretty dirty with time. Although wonderfold wagon reviews are always pretty good, sometimes if you don’t get time to clean them daily or from time to time they can get dirty. Years of stains and residues can make this a very unhygienic place for your little ones no matter how great they are. That is why it’s essential to clean yours from time to time.

In addition if you have purchased a used wonderfold wagon, like the wonderfold wagon w2 or wonderfold wagon w4 premium then you may be dealing with years of old stains and crumbs and that is why it needs a good wash before you let your kids near it. Years of food residues can be quite harmful for kids as mould or bacteria have grown in it. So, today we will be looking at how to clean a wonderfold wagon at home in some simple steps. 

Remove the accessories

Now, since you have got your hand on a stroller that is super dirty, you need to first take it apart. If you are dealing with the Wonderfold wagon w4 or any similar model, you have to take apart anything that is removable. So, start off with removing the seats by removing the buckles on the side of the wagon. After that seats are removed, go ahead and remove any other accessories such as the sunshade along with any snack tray or previous liners. You have to take apart as much as you can until the skeleton of the wagon is left.

Scrubbing with soap and warm water

The next step after you have taken out the majority of the accessories is to give it a good scrub. You can start off with the inner fabrics that can not be machine washed and try your best to scrub off the dirt and any stains the interior has. Also try to scrub clean the storage baskets since they can be placed inside a washer. You also have to start scrubbing the exterior which we will get to in the next step.

Cleaning the frame and wheels

The frame although may not be as dirty it still can get pretty unclean too. The Wonderfold wagon wheels go through all kinds of places and with time may have gotten shaky too. So the first thing is to make sure that all the screws that are being used are screwed well and there aren’t any wheels loose, if there is a loose wheel it is recommended to get it fixed first. Afterwards all you have to do is clean the frame and tires with some soap water and wipe them clean. Do not use any harsh chemicals on the exterior. Just soap and water are enough to get them nice and tidy.

Taking apart the seats to wash them

The stroller wagons are quite easy to take apart. The seats of the wagon come right off. The next step is to completely dismantle the seats and take apart the belts. The seat covers will come right off if you remove them from the seats. The seat can be washed in the washer and the rest of the accessories can be scrubbed clean and placed in the sun to dry.

Using a washer

According to the wonderfold wagon w4 reviews, a Collapsible wagon w4 is one of the best models out there and hence this strenuous cleaning process is completely worth it. Next on the list of cleaning steps is washing anything that can be washed in the washer on a delicate setting, the reason why the wash should be gentle, is in order not to harm the fabric of the seats. You can also wash the belts in the washer too or any liner you have for the seat or the bottom of the wagon.


The next step is drying the covers and accessories you just washed. Some can be dried in a dryer but better to let them sun dry aso they get to return back to their original shape. The seats of the wonderfold wagon w1 can be dried in the dryer since they are not that big but the wonderfold w4 premium needs to be air dry to ensure no harm is done to its cover.

Placing it back together

The last step is to place all the parts back together where they should be in the wagon, then fit the seats, belts and finish off with storage bags and the sunshade and you would be good to go.

Final thoughts

A wonderfold stroller wagon is a great investment even in a used form. That is why it’s necessary to clean it after some time if you don’t deep clean it after years. Unclean strollers can be quite unhygienic and not fit for kids, that is why a deep clean for a used one and regular cleanings are essential for your stroller wagon.

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