How to Update Xfinity Router Firmware?

One of the top-selling networking devices, Xfinity Routers are known for their impeccable routing capabilities and longevity. Once you set up the router, you can use both the wired as well as the wireless methods to connect your devices to the internet. Having said that, it is equally important to update the router firmware on a scheduled interval. If you update the router firmware, not only you ensure the addition of new features to the router but also keep the device safe and secure from potential online threats. For the update, you must know the Xfinity admin password, the username, and the router’s IP address.

Read on to explore how to update the firmware of an Xfinity Router, and keep the device ready for delivering an outstanding performance.

Before the Firmware Update

Like other wireless routers, your Xfinity Router also has an IP address, a username, and a login password. You can find all this information in the user manual that comes along with the router as well as at the back or bottom of the router. Below-mentioned are the details you’d require in order to log into the router admin console and update the firmware:

Xfinity Router IP Address:

Xfinity Router Username: admin

Xfinity Router Password: password

In case you have ever changed the login password of the router and now you’ve lost or forgotten it, you need to know how to reset Xfinity Router. Resetting the router will generate the default login credentials which you can use to log into the router.

How to Update the Router Firmware?

Now that you are aware of the required details to log into the router admin console, read on to explore the series of steps involved in updating the Xfinity Router firmware:

  1. Open a web browser on your computer and visit the router manufacturer’s official website.
  2. Download the recent firmware version for your router and save the downloaded file on your computer’s local disk.
  3. Now, connect the router to your computer either wirelessly or using an Ethernet cable.
  4. Visit the router login page by browsing the IP address,
  5. Enter the router login credentials and click on the OK button to log into the router admin console.
  6. Click on the “Maintenance” tab and then on “Router Upgrade”.
  7. Upload the firmware update and click on “OK” to start the firmware update process.

Once the router firmware update is completed, you can log out of the router management console. In case you see that Xfinity Router flashing orange no internet, turn off the router and turn it on again. You can connect compatible devices to the router and start surfing the internet.

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