How To Take Care Of Your Car Drying Towel

If you’re the type of person who has to have that brand new car smell, then you’re probably washing your car with some car drying towel. If so, then it’s essential to know how to clean and care for your drying towel because it can help keep the towel looking new longer and ensure that it does its job of drying your car quickly and efficiently. With proper care, you can keep your drying towel working well even after many uses, so here are some tips on how to take care of your car drying towel to get the most out of it!

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Follow Washing Instructions

What do you want your car drying towel to do? Are you looking for something that can quickly and efficiently dry off after washing your car? Or, is it more important that it’s soft and luxurious on your skin? This is important because these two things are not mutually exclusive. Just like anything else, there are right ways and wrong ways to treat your car drying towel. Be sure you through some simple guidelines on washing, drying, and storing them so they last longer (you might be surprised how often towels don’t make it more than a year or two). If you follow guidelines, you should have a nice soft towel that lasts longer than expected.

Car Drying Towel
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Use Regular Detergent

The chemicals in bleach damage towel fibres and diminish fabric softness, so it’s best to avoid using them. If your towels develop a musty smell or mildew after washing, try adding 1⁄4 cup of vinegar along with your detergent and running through another cycle. Alternatively, you can wash your car drying towel (and any other all-purpose cloths) with 1 cup white vinegar and dry as usual. The next time you wash those items, use only cold water because hot water causes cloth dyes to fade faster.

Skip The Bleach

For most household jobs, bleach is a powerful cleaning tool. But when it comes to drying your car, you might want to skip that ammonia-based cleaner and opt for another option. While many prefer using clean, white towels for drying their cars, using bleach on these fabrics can leave behind unsightly stains that are difficult (and sometimes impossible) to remove. Opt for an absorbent microfiber towel instead. This material will do a great job at pulling water away from your car’s surface without leaving behind any smudges or chemical residue in its wake. With microfiber, there’s no need for rigorous scrubbing—simply wipe away excess moisture and go about your day!

Skip Fabric Softener

While bleach can disinfect your drying towel, it will leave behind a dull, gray tint that makes white towels look old and dingy. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep your towels looking fresh without using bleach. Most are simple maintenance steps you can do in just a few minutes before each use. Try anyone or try them all—either way, you’ll have white-looking whites again in no time!

Wash Towels Separately

The myth that bleach will keep towels white and clean is one of those rumours that won’t go away. However, it’s not true. If you use too much bleach on a towel, it can break down fibres over time—meaning they won’t dry you as well. To properly wash your towels, mix about 1/4 cup of mild detergent with 1/2 gallon water in a bucket. Add 2 cups white vinegar or lemon juice to kill bacteria that cause odours, and then swish all your towels around in it before tossing them into the washer. Once you remove them from your washing machine, hang them outside for a while so they can dry completely before putting them away again.

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