How to Spend St Patrick’s Day Weekend in Chicago

Ireland’s rich cultural legacy is celebrated on St. Patrick’s Day, and there’s no better location to take in the festivities than Chicago. Chicago is transformed into a sea greenery for a weekend full of parades, cultural activities, and exuberant celebrations because of its rich Irish heritage and vibrant culture. This is a guide about how to have the best possible St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Chicago.

Kick Off with the Chicago River Dyeing Ceremony:

A beloved St. Patrick’s Day custom, the Chicago River Dyeing Ceremony opens the weekend’s events in style. The Chicago River becomes a vivid emerald green on Saturday mornings, presenting a breathtaking visual display. Witness this unique custom, which represents the city’s passionate acceptance of Irish culture, by joining the crowd along the riverwalk or by taking a boat. The vivid emerald seas created the ideal atmosphere for an Irish pride and celebration-filled weekend.

March in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade:

Chicago has one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the nation, attracting people from all across the city. The parade, which takes place every Saturday, is known for its colorful floats, marching groups, bagpipers, and Irish dancers. Scoop up a space along the route, which meanders through Grant Park in Chicago, and take in the festive mood as Chicago’s Irish spirit is celebrated in the parade. A lively and participatory aspect is added to the celebration when a large number of parade participants throw sweets and green beads to the crowd.

Explore Authentic Irish Pubs

St Patrick’s Day bar crawl in Chicago is quite popular, and St. Patrick’s Day weekend is a great opportunity to check them out. For typical Irish pub fare, such as shepherd’s pie, beef with potatoes and cabbage, and Irish stew, visit areas like Beverly, which Ireland or River North heavily inspire. Have a taste of Irish whiskey, or wash down these hefty dishes with a pint of Guinness. The vibrant atmosphere, live music, and kind clientele create an authentic Irish pub experience.

Attend Cultural Events and Festivals

During St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Chicago’s museums come alive with a variety of events showcasing Irish arts and customs. Attend Irish-themed plays, dances, and music at places like the Chicago Symphony Center or the Irish American Cultural Center. In addition, a lot of museums have unique displays and events centered around Irish ancestry, which deepens our comprehension of the cultural relevance of St. Patrick’s Day.

Join the Shamrock Shuffle 8K Run

For anyone seeking to combine physical activity with celebration, the Shamrock Shuffle 8K Run is an exuberant way to honor St. Patrick’s Day. This yearly race, which starts and ends in Grant Park, takes place on Sundays through the sidewalks of Chicago. The Shamrock Shuffle offers a lively and healthful event, regardless of your level of running expertise or just your desire for an enjoyable and energetic way to celebrate the day.

Visit the Irish American Heritage Center

Visit the Irish American Heritage Center to learn more about Irish American history. This cultural center, which is situated on the northwest side of the city, features events, concerts, and exhibitions that honor the contributions made by Irish immigrants to American culture. Take part in activities that offer a greater knowledge of the Irish American experience, hear lectures, and take a tour of the center. The weekend around St. Patrick’s Day offers a chance to get in touch with Chicago’s Irish heritage.

Cap off with a Grand Finale

Finish off your St. Patrick’s Day party with a big bang as the weekend draws to a finish. To see a breathtaking fireworks show light up the night sky, make your way to one of the approved viewing spots along the Chicago River or Lake Michigan. The brilliant hues and light displays provide a perfect climax to a weekend full of happiness, cultural appreciation, and joyous celebration.


Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend is a busy and colorful affair that offers the ideal fusion of festive parades, cultural events, and genuine Irish friendliness. Experience the colorful river dying ritual, visit Irish bars, take part in the Easter Shuffle, and learn about Irish American history—Chicago offers a lively setting for celebrating this beloved festival. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago guarantees an amazing experience drenched in Irish customs and the friendly embrace of the Windy City, whether you’re a native or a guest.

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