How to Prepare Heavy Machinery for International Shipping

Preparing heavy machinery for international shipping is by no means the easiest thing to do. However, it is not an impossible goal to achieve as well. We strongly advise you to follow certain steps that we will mention in this article regarding the preparation of heavy machinery for shipping to another country.

Equipment cleaning should be the very first thing on your list when it comes to preparing heavy machinery for international shipping

To begin with, your heavy machinery needs to be completely clean. Just like industrial disinfection is important for the health of people who are working in a certain location, the same goes for your heavy machinery. However, improper cleaning can lead to damage, and damage often leads to more costs. So, make sure to clean your equipment in the right way and prepare it for international transport. Also, checking if everything is functional is a must in a situation like this one.

Learn how to prepare heavy machinery for international shipping.

Make sure to clean your machines properly and in detail when preparing them for shipping 

Listen to true experts and you will not make a mistake

Importantly, listening to professional advice is crucial when you are shipping heavy machinery internationally. Especially if you are not sure how to operate everything for the process that is not a piece of cake, to be honest. You should definitely check out and similar companies because experts like these can be of great help when it comes to transporting items to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for example. Luckily, today, there are so many excellent professional companies with very experienced, reliable, and dependable people who will be there to guide you and help you in every way possible.


Do not be hesitant to ask true experts in this field for advice before you start preparing your machines for transport.

Draining fluids is a crucial thing to do in order to prepare heavy machinery for international shipping

The next step is draining fuel and all the other fluids. Planning in this situation is necessary and you should take some time to write down everything that you need to do. This task should be on the top of your list in your planner regarding preparing your heavy equipment for shipping objects like these. Also, make sure to detach batteries and alarm systems.

Be very careful when packing your heavy machinery for shipping to another country

The sixth step is preparing patiently and carefully for the packing of your heavy machinery for transport. This means that you have to provide appropriate and suitable packing supplies for these machines in advance and make sure there will be no damage of any sort. Furthermore, you need to make your new place there feel like home so your loved ones can feel safe at the moment of your arrival.

Safety is the most important thing to have in mind during the whole process

Furthermore, rules and regulations might change depending on where you are planning to ship your machinery to, so it’s crucial to learn about special safety measures before transporting your heavy equipment. You are aware of the fact that it is best to leave the transport of heavy machinery to true professionals in this business. Real experts use certain objects for shipping by sea. Some of them are roll-on or roll-off containers, vessels, and dollies, and load-on, lift-off models. Therefore, we strongly advise you to ask them for help and rely on their experience. If you do this, your heavy machinery will be safe during shipping.

Provide all permits that you need for shipping heavy equipment

It would be best to check out the official website of the country and ensure to prepare all the permits on time and have them with you. Plus, if you are relocating with your loved ones, make sure to have all required papers and documents. In case you are not certain if you need a specific paper or not, provide it as well, just to be on the safe side and avoid any additional stress during your international shipping or move.

Signing papers.

Provide all permits and documents that you need for shipping your heavy equipment


In conclusion, preparing heavy machinery for international shipping is not an impossible thing to do if you know what steps you need to take in order to achieve successfully your goal. Also, draining fluids and listening to professional advice are a must. Moreover, pay attention to detaching batteries and alarms before shipping your machines. Importantly, be very careful when it comes to packing these kinds of objects and make sure to provide the appropriate packing materials to avoid any possible damage during transportation. Finally, you have to provide all permits, documents, and other kinds of paperwork to successfully finish the whole process of shipping these machines internationally.

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