How to Make the Most of Your Fake Eyelashes: A Guide

How to Make the Most of Your Fake Eyelashes: A Guide

Who doesn’t like a little bit of drama and theatrics every once in a while? If you are planning to go out for a party and want to spruce up your appearance, fake eyelashes are the way to go. 

As glamorous as they are, they are also quite an investment, especially if you purchase a quality product like Ardell Lashes

Here’s how you can ensure that your fake eyelashes can survive the test of time!

  1. Never Wear Them While Sleeping

False eyelashes are delicate. They can get all torn, bent and tangled if you roll around in bed, asleep while wearing them on. So, make it a point to always securely remove your fake eyelashes before you hit the bed.

Store them properly in their actual packaging. 

It might seem time-consuming, especially if you have many falsies and need to keep them in different boxes. That said, doing so will ensure the longevity of your fake eyelashes by keeping them protected and in proper shape.

  1. Invest in Good Quality Lashes

This is a simple one. If you buy a cheap pair of eyelashes, they can only last for a limited number of applications. So, as tempting as buying an AUD 3 eyelash may sound, be prepared to toss them in the bin too soon!

So, invest in high-quality products if you want fake eyelashes that can stand repetitive usage and continue to look realistic and beautiful. As such, you may buy from respected brands like Ardell Lashes; they will give you your money’s worth!

  1. Always Clean Your Fake Eyelashes

It’s very easy for eyelashes to become clumpy from all the usage of glue and eyeshadow. To ensure that your pair of eyelashes are ready to go for subsequent use, make sure to clean them after each use. 

You can soak the lashes in warm water and remove any residual makeup using a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover. After this, rinse the lashes properly, and comb them with an eyelash comb. 

Once the lashes are dry, you can store them in their packaging. 

Even though it seems like an arduous task, it will help you maintain your lashes for a long. As it is, the price of eyelash extensions is between $150-$300, so make sure not to let your money go to waste!

  1. No Mascara!

There is a misconception that applying mascara to your false eyelashes makes them blend with the real ones. That’s unnecessary. 

If you have bought authentic-looking pair of eyelashes, then you don’t need to blend them in with your real lashes. They have enough length and natural colour that it does not require any mascara. 

If anything, mascara can lead to worsening the quality of the falsies.

Pro tip: if you have to use mascara, make sure it’s not a waterproof one since they make the lashes extremely coarse.

  1. Say Yes to Oil-Free Remover

In exhaustion, you may often want to rip off the fake eyelashes, but that can cause wear-and-tear to the falsies and harm your natural lashes. 

So, when removing your fake eyelashes, use an oil-free remover. Also, do not use any tweezers; use your fingertips!

Sure, at first, it may seem that maintaining your fake eyelashes is exhausting. But all your efforts to preserve and safeguard your falsies will lead to good results. 

So, follow these little tips mentioned above, and you will have your lashes last a lifetime!

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