How to Make Money Writing Articles

You can write? Are you an expert? Do you like to inform yourself?

You have two choices ahead of you.

You can start writing and sharing your experiences with everyone.

You can do this by making videos, stories, or writing for a blog.

But don’t forget that as Neil Patel says:

a blog is not a blog, but a business “

If you want to be successful and constantly grow you have to constantly improve.

Write more, write better.

Invest in advertising and make yourself known.

Only in this way will you be able to constantly increase visitors.

You can start monetizing and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Alternatively, you can write for other projects and monetize instantly.

Are you wondering why you should write to make others money?

Because most blogs just don’t make a dollar.

And even if you write constantly, try to optimize SEO, and maybe you have a performing hosting, it is not easy to have more and more visitors and earn.

In 2000 when I started working on the web there were not many sites and there were no blogs either.

It was easy to get visitors and make money too.

Then the Internet grew out of all proportion.

Differentiating today is tiring and if Google doesn’t like you, you’re screwed.

Making blogs and content for the web is a job for Professionals.

That’s why you need to specialize and it may be advisable, at least initially, to write for others.

If you like to write and want to earn money, then I recommend that you subscribe to the marketplaces that allow you to cross the demand and supply of editorial content.

Among the various services today I want to talk to you about Melascrivi.

In this article

  • What is Melascrivi?
  • How to register?
  • How much do you earn with Melascrivi?
  • Why can it be useful to write on Melascrivi?
  • What other services can you perform on Melascrivi?
  • Conclusions

What is Melascrivi?

Melascrivi is a  content marketplace.

Among the Italian sites, it is the most famous.

In practice, it is a site where writers and those who need texts (articles, product descriptions, various texts) can meet.

The service is subject to a fee.

It, therefore, allows those who need texts to obtain articles at affordable prices and those who know how to write to monetize their skills.

The price is calculated per word and varies based on the skill achieved by the author.

It ranges from as little as 0.08 per word up to 0.015.

How to register?

Signing up is very simple.

Just go to the homepage on and click on Register.

Once registered, you can enter your data.

Before starting you will need to be approved among the authors of Melascrivi.

To do this you will have to choose a category of interest (eg fashion, finance, entertainment …) and write a test article in 20 minutes.

The Melascrivi editorial team will assign you a theme and evaluate the quality of your article.

The presentation style, the absence of typos, compliance with guidelines, and SEO skills are evaluated.

The evaluation of your article will result in the assignment of a rating by the staff expressed in stars.

It starts with a star and then goes up over time.

Finally, you will need to indicate your Paypal account, to be used for payment and send a scan of your social security number and your identity card.

You will then be ready to write articles.

And earn.

How much do you earn with Melascrivi?

Writing on Melascrivi is a job.

And like all jobs, it is paid.

How much do you earn then?

You will be paid based on the quality of your articles and based on the number of words contained in your articles.

When you start for articles of sufficient quality, consider that you will earn 0.08 Euros per word.

It means that a 1,000-word article is worth 8 Euros.

Rates go up to € 0.015 per word for professional-grade items.

It’s not a lot, but it’s not bad.

If you can write 1,000 words in an hour, that’s not high pay but enough.

In a month, by writing about ten articles, you can reach around 100 Euros.

The payment in any case can be requested once the 25 Euro has been reached.

It is not bad even if the success of this activity will also depend on the availability of articles to be written.

Why can it be useful to write on Melascrivi?

If you want to write content for the web and beyond, you have to start somewhere.

You can search through the vacancies.

You can propose to the editorial offices.

But if you’ve never done this and don’t know the ground rules, you’ll likely get rejected.

Or worse, you will be asked to write for free …

This is why Melascrivi is very useful if you want to start learning how the world of professional writing for the web works and at the same time earn money.

With Melascrivi you will learn to write on commission respecting times and guidelines.

You will gain experience and curriculum that you can then spend by contacting online publishers.

Anyone who has a site is constantly looking for valid collaborators.

That’s why if you have a swatch of articles to show, you can be more easily accepted by professional editors.

In short, you will understand if the craft of writing is for you.

What other services can you perform on Melascrivi?

Melascrivi was born as a content marketplace service, but today it also offers some additional services.

First of all, you can become an Influencer.

You can connect your social accounts and share articles and content.

The more followers you have, the more you earn.

In addition, you can also offer  Translations and other professional services may be added soon.


Many online platforms allow you to sell and buy items.

Of course, writing isn’t easy and many sites can’t afford professional editing.

This is why many resort to services such as that of Melascrivi.

But there are also many others such as Scribox, Textbroker, Great content, O2O.

The problem for the writer is the rather low wage offered and the fierce competition.

This often means that there are few articles to write.

But you must never give up and if you are aiming to be a freelancer or want to supplement while studying, writing can be a great method.

Above all, because it allows you to approach the creation of content gradually and will allow you to gradually become a true author.

You can then decide to open a blog or to specialize and write for increasingly prestigious publishers.

If writing isn’t your thing, but you still need to round up, check out my 20 ideas for earning extra money.

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