How to make money with Youtube?

Youtube is the most famous online video platform where everyone can share their videos and, in the case of numerous views, be able to earn.

In the revolution that has affected the television world, YouTube has unhinged one of the fixed points of video distribution.

Today thanks to Youtube the content producers are the same viewers and there is no longer a clear distinction between the television user and the content producer.

With Youtube, the so-called YouTubers were also born, that is the producers of videos who have more views and who thanks to them are also able to earn significantly in the case of the most famous. In Italy, YouTube personalities are still few, but among the 250 most viewed YouTube channels, some collect many visits and many views for their videos.

How to start earning with YouTube?

First, you need to subscribe to Youtube and then click on Creator Studio.

To activate monetization, Youtube rules provide for the achievement of at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewing hours.

To activate it, if you have met these requirements, just go to the left bar on Channel and click on Monetization, where you can request it by filling out a simple form to become a YouTube partner.

In addition to the personal data and those relating to the publication provided by our channel, it is also necessary to indicate under the item ” Revenue sharing ” that you intend to view the advertisements by ticking the ” Monetize with Ads ” box.

The authorization process, by Google, is quite long but in the meantime, you can of course continue to publish videos and gain popularity.

Alternatively, you can join a multi-channel network, i.e. a kind of television network to join and which can guarantee visits and content similar to ours and useful tools to promote your channel.

How many views does it take to earn?

If the international YouTubers earn a few million euros thanks to the visits of their channels, the national ones have certainly lower earnings, but in some cases interesting.

It is true, however, that to have 1 Million Subscribers to your channel you have to be a sort of Web celebrity and if the English language guarantees a certain diffusion, the Italian one greatly limits our activity.

However, many Italian Youtubers easily reach 1 million views per month.

And there are some niches, such as that of Personal Finance, which also make 3/4 dollars for every thousand views.

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