How To Make Fake Plants Look Real? Get Here Some Realistic Suggestions!

For decorating rooms or offices, fake trees are everybody’s preference. They are far better in all respects, no doubt. Again, you can enjoy the natural look and beauty of an actual tree from these artificial ones.

How to make fake plants look real? You can follow different effective techniques to do so. For example, put some natural ingredients like sand or pebbles. Additionally, besides the fake tree, put a real tree. This will make it difficult for others to differentiate between the fake and real ones. You can paint the tree, especially the stem. Above all, spray it with snow which will cover the entire tree with tremendous beauty.

The good news is none of them cost you extra. So, why won’t you try it!

How To Make Fake Plants Look Real?

Nobody would like to see their decorations look fake or ineffective. That’s why our team made a study to make things most effective with the least cost and labor. Here are their findings and guidelines, which must lead you to the best solutions.

Put Some Natural Fillers In The Pot

Let’s start from the bottom of the tree. So, fill it with natural things like soil, sand, pebbles, or peat moss. These things will add a natural image to the tree and at the same time will hold the weight of it. Consequently, the tree won’t fall down with the wind.

Never let the vessel stay empty.  This will show the iron stem clearly, which will open up its fakeness. 

Accompany The Fake Tree With A Real One

You know the saying, A man is known by the company he keeps. Similarly, a real tree or at least a branch in the pot would surely make it difficult to separate the fake one.

At the same time, this added branch or tree will make the pot fuller and add beauty to the decoration.

how to make fake plants

Spray The Tree With Snow 

Spraying trees with snow is a popular practice. Snowing gives trees an incredible winter look all around the year. Snowing has another advantage; it removes the artificial look of artificial plants.

When the tree is covered in snow, it must be difficult to find out if it is fake or real. 

Put Some Ornaments or Paint The Tree

Like spraying, decorating trees with ornaments is everybody’s preference. Items like balls, ribbons, stars, toppers, tinsels, etc. bring a unique look to the tree. But the other thing that these accessories do is give fake trees a genuine look.

Moreover, you can paint the tree, especially the stem, green so that it looks like a natural one.

Final Thought

No doubt, you can give a fake tree the real look easily. Then you have plenty of options for doing that. First of all, you can put sand, soil, or any other natural things in the pot. 

You can also place a real tree beside the fake one, which will mingle the real and unreal nicely. Spraying or putting on some ornaments would also be an effective choice.

So, why should you not give the fake tree the essence of natural trees carrying just a little labor?

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