How to make easy money?

Easy, immediate, and legal money, who wouldn’t want it? However, most of us do not earn them because of him, for various reasons, even if not strictly logical.

The main reason is that most people like the security of a permanent job and even after a lifetime of studies they are satisfied or even crave a nice salary of 1,000 euros a month.

And that once the work was at least indefinite, while today with the various reforms there is practically no protection for the worker who can be fired at any time and without large insurance allowances.

It seems to me that in recent years the common mentality has changed a lot and, if once entrepreneurship was greatly encouraged and everyone aspired to open their own business, today no one aspires to “start their own business” because taxes are high because it is not easy and above all because the stories of failures and failures are there for all to see.

The result is that everyone works for large companies, consulting firms, international or consolidated companies that give much easier money, but which in the long run do not allow them to get rich and often do not even guarantee continuity. If you look at the list of the richest men in the world, surely you will not find employees and even when you look at overpaid managers this only happens if they are the so-called public companies with widespread capital and not if they are unlisted and family companies.

We must not forget that every day we waste opportunities and therefore money. I will give you the example linked to this blog, which today I decided to carefully take care of and grow but which has existed at least since 2008, the year in which it had achieved good popularity, especially in some extremely profitable niches. Then I never took advantage and transformed the business into something more concrete and in the end, everything collapsed and today this is a site that has many competitors with a more loyal audience. Soon it will change and I will start growing again, but for the moment it is tough.

This is what I think and today there are many ways to earn money online and offline by harnessing the power of the network, the mobility of people of ideas, and the speed of change.

It’s up to you to take advantage of it and to do so, read these posts of mine, mix your brain, choose an area and start producing extra income:

  • Sell ​​on Amazon
  • Post videos on Youtube
  • Write a Blog
  • Sell ​​on Ebay
  • Earn money with social lending

If you have other skills think about how to earn extra income in the work you do by starting to think like an entrepreneur and thinking about the future of your company and if you think you have the skills you risk because this is the only way to make money. Make it your goal to make new money and you will be able to make money.

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