How to increase your productivity

I like to write about this topic because I primarily think I can improve and increase my productivity quite significantly.

Being more productive at work is very important because it translates into more time to do the things we like or relax and ultimately live better.

But it is not at all easy to increase one’s productivity and how many times at the end of the day do we seem to have done nothing, how often do we frantically chase the e-mails and reminders of customers and suppliers?

I would therefore like to share some rules that I intend to follow and which in my case involve a significant increase in performance.

1. Do one thing at a time – multitasking doesn’t work and when I can do one thing and complete it I get the best results and most of all I feel more satisfied.

2. Avoid distractions – this means that now and then you have to turn off your cell phone or put it on silent, don’t answer the phone, don’t look at your e-mails, and just work.

3. Setting time limits helps you get more done in less time – I have found that when I have to leave the office earlier I am more productive and can complete more tasks. This is because I put myself in a sort of emergency mode in which I work without distractions and speed up activities as much as possible. 

4. Turn off the Internet – looking at websites, reading articles, consulting your e-mails is distracting and wastes concentration and time. Now and then you have to disconnect the network and work offline.

5. Do not work on real-time mail – when I have to complete a task I do not consult the e-mail because it distracts me and leads me to stop what I am doing to do something else.

6. Do what we don’t like first – there are some activities we procrastinate and drag on until it’s often too late. Instead, we must do them first because the thought of them will slow down our entire activity.

7. Avoid wasting time – how many useless meetings, senseless meetings, non-productive activities do we have every day?

8. Delegate – Delegation is one of the easiest ways to increase one’s productivity because it allows us to focus on important tasks and multiply active heads and hands.

9. Switch off – I always try to avoid lunches with colleagues where I know they will talk about work and often take a walk after lunch to oxygenate the brain and relax. 

10. Eat healthily and lead a healthy life – food has a strong correlation with productivity and heavy drinking or eating does not facilitate afternoon work and that returning late at night does not positively affect one’s work.

11. Plan – at the end of the beginning of day it is useful to plan your working day and set yourself insurance goals so as not to manage emergencies, but to set priorities.

and what rules do you use to improve your productivity?

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