How to Do Your Plush Toys Customization?

Designing and making your own plush toys has always been a fun project. You need to have creativity and learn the simple steps of plush toys customization.

Customizing your own plush toys develops the social skills of your school-going baby. Because plush toys are a kind of promotional giveaways

You’ll get more than enough options on amazon and other eCommerce sites for buying plush toys. But, as a conservative parent, you want to design toys for your kids.

Besides, you might want to design cute plush toys, plush cushions, or plush pillows for decorating your house. Whatever the reason for making your own plush toy, concentrate on how to make it.

Whether you have basic or zero crafting ideas, you’ll learn easily how to customize a plush toy.

Simple Steps to Plush Toy Customization

Designing a plush toy is a good way of showing your craft skills. You can decorate your house with plush cushions or push pillows. Besides, you can customize a plush toy for entertaining your kid.

Here we’ve designed and customized a simple plush toy with the basic materials at your home.

Step 1: Materials You’ll Need

First off, let us introduce you to the materials you’ll need for your plush toy customization. Although customizing your own plush toys isn’t that difficult, it needs lots of stuff, like:

  • Sewing machine
  • Paper scissor
  • Hand sewing needles/ Hot glue
  • Pins
  • Stuffed material
  • Drawing paper and pencil

Step 2: Select the Standard Fabric

Select the quality fabric for making your plush animal; most importantly, consider its color. You must consider the fun pattern color like polka dots as you’re making the toy for your kid.

Consider the cotton fabric when you’re designing and making the plush toy for the first time.

Step 3: Draw Your Own Pattern

Draw or sketch your desired character or pattern on art paper. Instead of standard art paper, you can use regular paper for drawing. It’ll lessen your plush toy customization cost.

Just make sure, you’re drawing the right shape of the character.

This is the most positive thing about plush toy customization that you can show off your creativity. You can draw for a cat, bear, owl, fish, monkey, or anything that you’ll like for your kid.

Besides, you’ll find lots of printable animals online. Just download them and print them on paper. Now, cut the paper from its edges carefully. Make sure you don’t damage the inside of the drawing.

Step 4: Cut the Fabric According to Your Designed Pattern

Now place your animal-drawn paper on the fabric and cut the fabric with a scissor. Take two pieces of fabric according to the shape of your drawn or printed animal.

Step 5: Pin the Fabric and Sew the Sides

Place two pieces of fabric on each other, removing the animal-drawn paper. While placing, make sure the edges of the fabric match.

Now pin the fabric edges together and sew their sides with a sewing needle keeping some portion unsewn. The unsewn part is important to insert the plush.

If you can operate the sewing machine, you can sew the fabric through a machine instead of hand stitching. But, use hot glue to attach the fabric pieces if you don’t know both hand stitching and machine sewing.

Keep the half inch space of the fabric while sewing or gluing.

Step 6: Turn the Sewed Clothes Inside Out

After completing the sewing or gluing, remove the pins from the fabric. Now, turn the sewed clothes inside out through the unsewn portion.

Step 7: Refill the Plush Toy with The Stuffed Material

Do you have stuffed material to use for the plush toy?

If you don’t have stuffed material at your home, then go to your local craft store and buy them. Now, refill the plush toy with the stuffed material as you have the stuffed material.

You can use the spoon or chopstick to reach the stuffed material till the end of the plush toy.

Step 8: Close the Hole

Now, you’ve refilled the plush toy with the stuffed material; what to do with its small hole?

Insert the thread into a sewing needle, and sew the small hole with the needle.

Step 9: Decorate the Plush Toy

Here you got the opportunity of showing your creative skills on your plush toy.

When decorating your plush toy, use the drawing you made before making the plush toy. Use a different colored fabric for making eyes, nose, or tie on the neck.

Make other body parts of the plush toys by shaping the fabric and inserting stuffed materials into it.

The Sum Up!

If you want to make a huggable plush toy, you should have a basic idea about the crafting activities. For the crafter, it’s always exciting to design and make cute little toys.

Aren’t you a professional crafter? Still, you can design the plush toy with a little bit of creativity and following our procedures above.

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