How to create a patio that feels like a luxury resort?

If you have a flat or small yard, creating your outdoor oasis might seem impossible. But with the help of brick pavers, it’s easier than you may think! Natural stone can be used to create geometric patterns that mimic the look of a luxury resort. Simply follow our guide and shine a light on your retreat.

How to work?

  1. The first step is to create a plan. With natural stone, it’s easy to build out ideas in your notebook or on the computer before digging begins. If you’re using our brick pavers, you can start by measuring your space. How many square feet are available? What shape will best fit the area? How much stone will you need? Once you have answered these questions, sketch your design.


  1. When you’re ready to break ground, it’s time to level the space and make sure there are no dips or bumps. Crushed stone (or gravel) is a great way to fill in gaps as well as help with drainage. If possible, remove surrounding foliage to give guests an unobstructed view.


  1. Now that the foundation has been laid, it’s time for pavers. You can use brick pavers in many shapes and sizes to create your design. We offer a variety of colors including red, gray, tan, rustic brown, light brown, and cream so you can find one to perfectly fit your home.


  1. Begin in the center of your patio and work in concentric circles outward. Experiment with different shapes and sizes for a look that’s uniquely yours! It may take some time, but when you’re done you’ll be ready to set out your outdoor furniture (or build an outdoor fire pit!) and start relaxing in style.


  1. If you’re using brick pavers, you can also use them to support your patio umbrella. Use three or more paver bricks of the same height and diameter to create a “cone” that will hold your umbrella in place. You may want to mix in some gravel so it’s easier for guests to walk around without bumping into the umbrella pole.


  1. Want to create a shelter to help keep your party dry? Consider building an arbor,  pergola, or Patio Deck Gazebo to provide overhead protection. With the right plants, you may even love this outdoor oasis so much that you never want to go inside again!


  1. It’s time to furnish your new retreat! Patios are the perfect place to host friends and family for BBQs, pool parties, or outdoor movie nights. For an added touch of elegance, you can create a heat source near your seating area so guests can enjoy the outdoors even after the sun goes down. If you’re working on a tight budget, you can find many outdoor items at local thrift stores or garage sales. Keeping your eyes open can help you create the perfect patio that feels like a luxury resort retreat without breaking the bank!


Creating your outdoor oasis doesn’t have to be a headache. With the right planning and design, it can become a reality without losing any of the comforts you love so much. By using brick pavers in geometric patterns or creating your tree shelter, you can enjoy your patio for many years to come!

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