How to Choose Door Locks for Your New Home

How to Choose Door Locks for Your New Home

Choosing the best lock for your home as your first line of protection against theft and criminals is crucial. 

That’s because a poor lock will jeopardise your security due to its inefficiency and lack of quality.

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the best types of locks and maximising your home’s security.

Different types of locks to choose from

Choosing a type of lock suitable for your home is of utmost importance when it comes to security.

Currently, the main categories are separated into three distinct types: conventional, non-connected deadbolt, and smart lock.

Conventional and non-connected deadbolts use a single-cylinder lock that is pretty standard stuff without extra special features. It keeps your property safe, and either can be rekeyed easily by yourself without needing a locksmith.

Smart locks, although more expensive, are a much more convenient type of lock. It will connect to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and provide intelligent features ranging from granting time-sensitive access to assigning individual passcodes and tracking who comes in and out of your home, day and night.

Suppose you’re unsure about which type of lock is right for you. In that case, you can always call a professional locksmith who can provide you with personalised expert tips for maximising your home’s security.

Check the door lock rating

Forced entries are thieves’ most common entry method (about 61% of cases), so it makes sense to invest in the highest quality lock you can afford for the safety of your home.

There are 3 types of grades regarding lock security, with Grade 1 being the most secure and Grade 3 being the least.

Grade 1 locks have secure features like anti-pick pins, extra-long bolts in extra-tough alloys, and tightly-secured reinforced strike plates, providing maximum protection for your home. At the same time, Grade 2 would be a high-end handle set, while Grade 3 would be your typical builder-quality tubular lock, providing the least amount of security.

It’s always best to go for the option that provides your home with the most protection.

As the manufacturer will not always list the grade of a lock, if you’re unsure, it’s best to ask before buying.

Decide how much you can spend

Locks aren’t purchases you make frequently.

Yet, they’re our first line of defence when it comes to protecting our homes from intruders, and a poor choice can compromise your home security and result in unpleasant and costly surprises.

Usually, people buy and install new locks during home construction, renovation, or after a break-in. The first two cases are the norm, while in the latter, it’s already too late–the property’s already been broken into.

That’s why spending the extra money on a high-quality lock that offers maximum protection is well worth it.

At the end of the day, you will not regret choosing the most security you can afford, and you will rest much easier knowing that your home is as safe and secure as possible.

Type of door and lock materials

Installing an expensive lock is only effective if you do so on a sturdy door frame.

That’s why it’s essential to consider the strength of the frame aside from the strength of the lock.

Most burglars will try to gain entry by placing a few strategic kicks, so reinforcing your wooden door frame with a layer of steel or simply installing a steel door is an excellent way to prevent them from gaining an easy entry.

The same goes for the type of material the lock is made from. Coated steel locks are the toughest, as they’re sturdy and weather resistant, while brass, copper, and aluminium can still rust or corrode, compromising your home’s security over time.

Consider if a smart lock is suitable for you

While they’re convenient, some people are concerned about their smart locks’ security.

It’s true that earlier models, particularly those which relied on Bluetooth technology, had vulnerabilities, but these problems have been long resolved and fixed since that era.

It’s also true that if someone gains access to your phone, they may change your smart lock and compromise your home’s security.

Still, that’s why there are many advanced features for authentication that smart locks provide, such as fingerprint authorisation, longer passcodes, and even facial recognition.

If you’re renting your property, you must speak to your landlord first, or you might violate your lease. And even if you install a smart lock, landlords will retain a right to entry and require you to provide them with a password.

Installing a smart lock in older properties might be a bit problematic if the door is slightly misaligned. That’s because the bolt will need to be able to extend and retract by itself without you exerting any force on the door.

What usually helps in such situations is either sanding a part of the door or, in more extreme cases, replacing the door altogether.

Read reviews from other clients

Nowadays, it’s easy to look up what other customers say about online products and whether they’re happy with them.

Use that data to weigh your options to decide what kind of lock will provide your new home with maximum security.

Even better, talk to a professional locksmith in person and pick their mind. Often, they’ll offer inside advice, and if they come to inspect the property, they can make individual recommendations about how to maximise your new home’s protection.

In the end, doing thorough research and consulting the experts before your final decision can ensure you pick the right kind of lock and can also decrease most of the doubts or anxiety you might have about your choice and level of security.

Remember, when it comes to protecting your new home, making the right choice matters so no unpleasant surprises occur down the line.


Choosing the proper door locks for your new home can enhance your security and give you peace of mind that all your belongings are well protected.

That’s why it’s worth it to research all options thoroughly and talk to professionals to ensure you pick the best kind of lock for your property and have maximum protection.

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