How to Add Electronic Signatures to PDF and Word?

Computer applications have been introduced to online users to make work processes faster and more efficient. Portable Document Format and Word file format are two of the most widely used computer programs. These file formats are used because of their flexible and compatible features. They are used for the purpose of easily transferring customized data across multiple domains. Both applications are equipped with security features. These features are used to protect the content of the text from being copied or tampered with. Users can install electronic signatures to protect the content.

What do you mean by Electric Signatures?

An electronic signature means a signature that a user can enter in a file format using electronic means. These signatures are incorporated into the text using computer programs. The advantage of using these signatures is that the data source or file is identified. There are a variety of electronic signatures such as the “Terms and Conditions” pop-ups that appear, typed words, or a digital handwritten signature in pdf . It is useful if you want to protect the contents of your document from being corrupted or misused. In other words, they are mainly used for the purpose of copyright infringement issues. You may use these signatures on official copies or the author may use them in his work or for other such reasons. In this way, it is easier to sign and close digital files.

How do you add Signatures to PDF and Word files?

There are a few simple ways to add signatures to these two file formats. In Word file mode, you scan the signature image. Save the scanned image to your system and use Word Page in the application. When opening a Word file, go to the Isert Menu, click Image> From File Browsing Your Scanner File File. You can then add the file to your Word file format. If you want to add the same image to a PDF file then convert the same Word file into a PDF document with Word to PDF converter tools. Here are a few simple ways to add a signature to a PDF or Word file format.

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There is hardly any computer user now who may not be using portable document format files. If you are still unaware of the abilities of this format then it is time that you learn more about it. Read further to understand how this format works and offers benefits to its users. PDF is a file format that is used to represent documents independent of the application software, operating system or hardware used to create them. So one top benefit of the format is its ‘true mobility’ that allows it to be accessed on a huge variety of operating systems and platforms. Let us discuss various benefits of using the format in detail to offer deep insight.

Here are 5 best advantages that you will get from PDF documents:

    1. True portability and mobility – If you have a needed software to read various PDF files then there will be no issues regarding reading PDF files. There are free PDF reading tools like Adobe’s Acrobat Reader which can be used and you will be able to read any file whenever and wherever you want.
  1. Visual elements are preserved – This format cleverly preserves all the visual elements created in other documents before you convert word to PDF. This means that all your text, images, and graphics created in MS word document will be effortlessly converted in the new PDF document.


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