How Nursery Admission in Noida Brightens the Future of a Child?

Finding a nursery school in Noida that offers a friendly, academic, and nurturing environment for your child can be a difficult task, which is why deciding on a perfect school can be a tough decision.

Global Indian International School (GIIS) has a transparent and seamless procedure for nursery admission in Noida where our youngest learners start their school journey.

The Nursery Admission in Noida provides more educational exercises and assessments with a focus on preparing children for primary school education. This will involve literacy, numeracy, and creative learning. That being said, your child will also receive playtime and rest time too.

There are some important factors to consider and ensure that your child is given the best experiences and opportunities for learning, setting them up for success in the future.

GIIS is designed to ease young children into education by offering a caring and warm environment, which supports young learners and provides a platform for them to develop. It’s all about learning through adult-led and open-ended play activities, allowing children to choose their own route for learning and develop at their own pace in a safe and secure environment.

During their early years of education, children benefit from being given opportunities to explore their own interests, develop fascinations and discover new information.

Child-led learning enables them to choose and guide their own learning, helping them to develop a broader range of topics that they are genuinely interested in. Children flourish when they are in control of what they learn and the outcomes and their interests also increase.

After the children choose their topics for the term, learning is achieved through a variety of teaching strategies that include:

  • Child-initiated play
  • Adult-led activities
  • 1:1 intervention
  • Free flow learning throughout the entire environment

Students at GIIS get opportunities to be creative and explore practical ways of learning subjects that create a sense of happiness and enjoyment. However, GIIS’s nursery school has a whole bunch of other benefits too.

Let’s take a look:

The Curriculum

The nursery school curriculum Global Montessori Plus Programme is an award-winning curriculum that combines the best practices of the Maria Montessori Programme highlighting multiple intelligence and futuristic pedagogy. This curriculum at GIIS is born out of meaningful discussions with the children where they are invited to share ideas about what everyone would like to learn about. Children’s imaginations are incredible when they are given the chance to express themselves. By discussing and planning the learning with children, they develop a sense of pride and most importantly, a greater interest in what they are learning about.

Learning about the world

Giving children spontaneous ways to discover new aspects of the world and the properties of the things in it, instinctively appeals to them. Getting hands-on with malleable media and colorful pigments is surely one of the most natural and fun ways for children to learn through play and discovery.


Once teachers have worked with the children to plan what they want to learn, inspiring ways of hooking the children into the learning are developed. This helps to create awe, wonder, and excitement each day.

The Results

Planning lessons, activities, and topics that children have thought of, produces greater outcomes in each individual child as they remain involved and develop a natural love for learning. Children at GIIS make accelerated progress in all areas of learning. They would know to use what they have learned independently, leading to mastering a skill they may not have been exposed to before.

At the end of the day, no matter which nursery school in Noida you choose to enroll your child in, the best standards of education and care have to be of paramount importance. So, when looking at care and schooling options, choose the option that’s the perfect fit for both you and your child.

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